FrankbyDesign Is a Design Studio Designing and Supplying Images for Sales


FrankbyDesign is a website that has just started to sell on Etsy. They are a design studio and have been designing and supplying images/vectors/cutting files/machine embroidery files and more in many formats to the hobby, craft, schools, council and commercial interest for many years. They have been designing and selling vector graphics also.

Uses for designs

These designs can be used for:

  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Home décor
  • Wedding and parties
  • Toys and entertainment
  • Art and collectibles’
  • Vintage designs

Vector graphics is the use of polygons to signify pictures in computer illustrations. Vector graphics are based on vectors, leading through settings called points of control or control nodes. Each point has a certain point on them and x-axes of the plane of work and controls the track of the path; further, every track may be allocated a stroke color, curve, shape, thickness, as well as fill.

Global marketplace

Etsy is a global marketplace for exceptional and creative goods. It is home to a world of special, astonishing items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

In a period of cumulative robotics, it’s their mission to keep human joining at the heart of commerce. That’s why they built a place where imagination lives and flourishes because it’s driven by people. They help this community of sellers turn ideas into successful businesses. This platform links them with millions of those buyers observing for a substitute — something rare with the human touch, for moments in life that rate thoughts.

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