Feeling Fruity?: The Best Fruit Flavored E-Juice for 2021


There are tobacco and menthol-flavored e-juices, and those with a delicious dessert taste — plenty of different types — but when it comes to fruity e-juices, where do you start?

Trying to find that perfect fruit-flavored e-juice can feel like it’s taking forever, but we can help make the process a little easier for you.

Below, we’ve listed what we feel is the best fruit-flavored e-juice for 2021. There’s a variety of different juices below, so take a look — you could find your new favorite!

Lava Flow

Naked 100 has a number of tasty fruit e-juice offerings, but Lava Flow has to be singled out as one of the best.

It’s very much a tropical blend, whisking you away to an island paradise, with coconut and pineapple creating a piña colada in fruit vape form. There are fresh strawberries too, as you’ll taste when you inhale; the coconut and pineapple are more prevalent on the exhale.

It’s not too sweet, tasting pleasant and natural, making it one of, if not the very best, fruity e-juice out there.

Sour Power

Next up is Sour Power, a fruity flavor from One Up Vapor.

The focus with this e-juice is more on the sour than the sweet, with plenty of tangy and tart flavors from green apple, orange, lemon, and lime.

The apple flavor is less strong than the citrus, and while you get more sweet fruit on the inhale, the exhale is sour. If you’re a sucker for sour candy, this is the sort of e-juice that’s likely to be right up your street.


From Space Jam, Astro is a brilliant combination of strawberry, green apple, and peach, making it another tasty fruit e-juice.

There’s an almost perfect blend of sweet and sour, as you get the tangy apple flavor first, before exhaling with a sweet mix of strawberry and peach. It’s a flavor that’s difficult to get tired of, and it’s always a good fit!

Hawaiian Pog

Another Naked 100 product, Hawaiian Pog is next up in our list of the best e-juice flavors.

Whereas the e-juices we’ve mentioned already favor fruits like green apples and strawberries, Hawaiian Pog is a little different — get ready to enjoy a tropical explosion of passionfruit, guava, and orange!

It’s not just us who like it either. It’s one of the top e-liquids based on sales, as you can see in this chart.

Kiwi Berry

Bantam’s Kiwi Berry is somewhat self-explanatory — you can expect the taste of sweet berries, to begin with, followed by the refreshing taste of kiwi as you exhale.

Like the others mentioned here, it has a great natural taste that’s not too intense, so you can keep on vaping without it getting too sweet.

There’s a slight hint of citrus, too, adding a little variety and yet more flavor, making this another of our favorite juices.

Best Fruit Flavored E-Juice Right Now

If you like your fruity e-juices, there’s a whole world of them out there to explore, but we think these are definitely the best fruit flavored e-juice products out there. Why not check them out today?

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