Edibles vs. Smoking: Which Is Better For You?


Are you wondering what’s the best way to use marijuana?

Many factors can affect your experience when using cannabis. Cannabis products have varying terpene strains and CBD-to-THC ratios. However, the biggest impact that can affect your experience is your method of consumption.

There are two different ways to use marijuana: smoking and eating. The former is the most popular and oldest way. The latter is newer and more convenient.

Regardless, both methods have different effects on the body and brain. To know more, here is our guide on eating or smoking marijuana. Read on and learn:

How Eating Edible Marijuana Works

Edible marijuana products can give the same effect as smoking. However, the process of getting high is different for edibles.

When eating edible CBD products, the stomach will absorb the essence. The liver will slowly metabolize the product. It then transforms into a compound that gives the potent marijuana effect.

One of the benefits of edible marijuana products is that they’re easier to make. However, be mindful of the amount of CBD and THC content. The consistency can be hard to control without experience.

If you’re not careful enough, the edible can give you a horrible experience.

To avoid this, buy edible products at legal stores. They come in various forms, from cookies to gummy candy. CBD gummies are popular with CBD users because their sugary kick masks the natural, early taste of cannabidiol. You can store these items in your pantry cupboards for later use.

To know more about cannabis storage, you can look at this link on how to store edibles better.

How Smoking Marijuana Works

Smoking THC products are the most popular way to enjoy the best cannabis experience. The effects work the moment the smoke goes into your lungs.

The blood will immediately absorb the THC, making their way to the brain. Once it reaches the brain, it gives an effect of euphoria.

Compared to edibles, smoking marijuana has a faster effect. It’s due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, notably the CB1 receptors. However, it’s also the reason why the high fades faster.

If you choose to smoke weed, you must keep note of several things. Think about your preferred cannabis flowers since they affect your experience. After that, consider your equipment and method of smoking.

In most cases, all you need is to add the cannabis into a smoking pipe or paper roll and ignite the flower. After inhaling the smoke, expect its psychoactive effects to take effect within a few moments.

Know the Difference Between Eating and Smoking Marijuana Today

Remember, there is no wrong way to take cannabis. It all depends on your preferences, whether it is eating or smoking. However, always practice moderation to avoid developing abusive behaviors in the future. Also, if you choose to consume marijuana, you need to understand your dosing by eating it slowly and observing the effects.

Regardless, we hope this guide helped to know the contrast between eating and smoking marijuana.

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