Is hemp effective in treating fibromyalgia?


Over the years, there have been a lot of studies conducted into the use of hemp for fibromyalgia treatments. These studies have mostly been under research for the effects of medicinal cannabis in fibromyalgia.

Many scientists found that medical cannabis treatment was associated with significant favorable outcomes in fibromyalgia patients. They were evaluated regarding their quality of life before and after administering hemp or medical cannabis.

Numerous research studies found that some cases seemed to surpass others in terms of their effectiveness. They found patients who reduced the dosage of medications before the medical cannabis treatment, therefore reducing the secondary adverse effects of polypharmacy.

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome that is classified by musculoskeletal pain. Its symptoms include physical pain that can produce many secondary effects, including mood changes, extreme fatigue, and disturbances.

People who have fibromyalgia can experience effects that are both psychological and physical. It can also prevent people from being able to carry out basic tasks. Patients can also suffer from the psychological effects of anxiety and depression. In all these years of its existence, the ailment’s only known treatment is pain relief medications that include analgesics, pregabalin, and opiates.

When it comes to the psychological effects of fibromyalgia, patients are usually prescribed with tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines, or other variations of antidepressants. But who are the most vulnerable? Extensive research indicates that the disease affects more women than men in general, and the average age ranges from 35 to 45 years old.

Hemp for fibromyalgia

Hemp for fibromyalgia is considered an effective way to stop the symptoms of this disease. It has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are polyunsaturated. It also contains many potential bioactive components such as sterols, fatty alcohols, phenolic compounds, and more. It also doesn’t possess any sort of addictive ingredients.

Researchers have administered hemp oil to mice and discovered that it causes specific cognitive changes. It diminishes pain and normalizes the muscle tone for those mice that didn’t have it. The patent has plenty of interest as it can be supplied to patients in the form of tablets and other administered drugs, which makes it a promising treatment option for fibromyalgia.

Hemp has been observed to provide symptomatic relief in people with fibromyalgia. As far as the effects go, cannabis or hemp has the potential to treat and improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia for patients. However, there is still widespread prejudice and misconceptions around this wonderful plant.

So, to prove to the world that hemp oil can be an effective medication for chronic pain ailments like fibromyalgia, the University of Seville has patented the use of hemp oil to prevent and treat fibromyalgia. It has proved to be quite an exciting patent since its composition could be used for patients with fibromyalgia through tablets or other solutions, such as a food supplement or by initiating it directly into the food itself.

To conclude

There is, by far, quite limited evidence showing that hemp for fibromyalgia comes with plenty of benefits. While it is not conclusive, it has demonstrated viability. Though more research on this topic is necessary, there are specific components in cannabis and hemp oil that can treat fibromyalgia symptoms.

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