A majority of people living alone confess that their greatest fear is having a medical emergency at home and not having anyone to help them. A medical emergency can happen at any time of day, and their unpredictability is what makes them even worse. Furthermore, if people do not have any mode of transport or the nearest hospital is too far away, it compounds the issue. Time is essential in these cases, and calling on a mobile doctor is the best solution. The concept of mobile doctors is dated to the 18th century and perhaps earlier. Doctors often visited their patients in their homes, especially if the patient’s condition rendered them immobile.

The same is true today. Many medical conditions can make people bedridden, and older people may find it hard to drive themselves to a hospital when they need to. Mobile doctors are a source of solace in these situations. People all over Australia can benefit from this facility, as these mobile doctors service every part of the continent.


Mobile doctors can offer everything that a physician does, minus the waiting time. A few of their services are:

After Hours Service

A staple feature of every doctor’s clinic is the timing. People cannot consult a doctor at their clinic after hours. Mobile doctors are beneficial as they offer their services even after hours. They are just a call away, and people can engage their services at any time of the night. This feature is useful during emergencies.

Emergency Services

A mobile doctor can rush to the address and immediately administer treatment to most ailments. They have specialized training in this field and can perform immediate mobile medical treatment. This service is sometimes the difference between life and death.

Bulk Billing Services

A cause for concern for some patients may be the medical fee they will have to pay when they visit a doctor. But they don’t have to worry about this in the case of medical doctors. These doctors offer bulk billing, where the patient can make a one-time payment at the end of the month. The bulk calculation of bills allows people to get emergency services without any financial concerns.

Insurance Coverage Services

Mobile doctors are a part of most medical insurance plans like Medicare, and some of them even offer free of charge consultations to people on these insurance plans.


Mobile doctors’ units ensure that their physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals have official accreditations and have received high-quality emergency response training. These services confirm that mobile doctors have prior training as frontline or first-responder before hiring them. They have adequate equipment and training to administer immediate treatment for many ailments like:

  • Respiratory infections and breathing problems like asthma, wheezing, etc
  • Dermatological conditions like rashes, skin infections, etc
  • Gastrointestinal problems like acid reflux, stomach flu, etc
  • Pain-related ailments like joint pains, muscle pain, etc
  • Vision-related problems, migraines, and headaches
  • ENT problems
  • Age-related problems
  • Other infections and medical symptoms like UTI, fever, diarrhoea, etc

These doctors have accreditation from the AHPRA, meaning they carry government-approved licenses. They also have experience working in emergencies like working in emergency rooms and performing emergency surgeries. These doctors also have work histories with renowned hospitals or are well-known general physicians. The doctors have good interpersonal skills and are patient-oriented. They make the patient feel comfortable and valued and pay close attention to everything the patient says.

Mobile doctors are a boon in these times, as lockdown restrictions limit travelling possibilities. Health professionals coming home to administer care are beneficial as it decreases the patient’s exposure to other diseases. Hospitals and clinics can expose people to many contagious diseases, and sick people will already have a diminished immunity making them more susceptible. In these situations, a mobile doctor provides an added advantage.

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