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7 Must-Have Dental Equipment to Run a Clinic


Dentistry is a trending profession in Australia with an estimated 16549 dentists across the country by 2016 and growing. With most dental services in the country being privately funded, citizens either pay for these services out of their income or through insurance. The money spent is a whopping 2.8 billion dollars in benefits, by private insurance agencies and companies during the 2018-2019 period. With people spending their own money, it is easier for dental services to hire better doctors and buy quality dental equipment in Australia.

With all these statistics in mind, it is essential to equip private practice ventures with quality devices and better practitioners. Given below are some of the essentials needed to produce a fully equipped Clinic.

1. Chairs and Cabinets

Comfortable chairs for the doctors to operate and chairs for patients in the consulting room are must-haves in a clinic. A dental chair is a piece of essential equipment that every clinic needs. They come with an onboard panel with which one can control the chair, and they are comfortable enough for the patient to lay back. A proper dental chair allows the doctors to operate comfortably and allows the patients to lay still without any hindrance. A dental chair is one of the must-have investments in a private dental clinic as it boosts doctors’ productivity and reduces operation time. On the other hand, cabinets must be secure enough to store medicines and equipment for operational procedures. These cabinets help organize the equipment and medicine too.

2. Sterilization and Decontamination Equipment

Infection control is an essential precaution in any medical practice. Proper sterilization and decontamination of equipment and device allow the patient to be free from any cross-contamination. Different methods for sterilization make use of unsaturated chemical vapors, dry heat, or autoclaves. Washers are also necessary for a cleaner operating environment. When it comes to sterilization and decontamination, clinics must invest in only the best of such dental equipment.

3. Lights

Proper lighting can make the work of the doctor a lot easier as it provides clearer visibility. Proper lighting can help highlight the dark oral cavities more clearly. Doctors can also use handheld lighting devices or headbands with a light on them for better visibility during operations.

4. Handpieces

These can include all the devices that the doctor uses with hands while operating and examining the oral cavity. They can be battery-powered or attached to the dental chair for easier use. The most important ones are:

  • Forceps
  • Dental probes
  • Dental pliers
  • Straight and Angular handpieces
  • Dental lamps
  • Hand Mirrors

5. X-Ray Imaging

Another essential tool used to map the oral cavity; X-Ray imaging helps doctors identify any physical deformities in the mouth without any probing or examinations. X-ray equipment is vital in clinics for diagnosis and treatments.

6. Consumables

These can include napkins, towels, rinsing cups, etc. They are a necessary part of proper sanitation during operations or appointments in the clinic. Proper medicines and pills should also be on the list of must-haves for a clinic.

7. Educational Utilities

Educational utilities are the posters and diagrams that people see painted or charted on the walls of the clinic. They help in providing an insight into the oral hygiene and cavity of the mouth. They can be highly beneficial for younger patients and kids who require a better understanding of oral health.

If you happen to run a dental clinic or are looking forward to putting up one, make sure that you get the best quality products from trusted vendors of dental equipment in Australia. Hence, you can ensure quality service to your clients.

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