4 Ways Glass Shower Doors Can Beautify Your Home’s Bathroom in Hawaii


Did you know that home design in the Hawaii region comprises architectural styles predominantly based on Renaissance, Mission, International, and Plantation?  However, of these styles, the plantation-style is more popular than the others. Plantation-style homes were built as early as the 1900s and are popular to this day in Hawaii.

With all the greenery surrounding Hawaii, the homes are designed with glass and light to take advantage of the area’s pristine beauty. Even the interiors, especially the bathrooms, are glass-themed, with glass shower doors Hawaii being a popular style to enhance the decor.

Here are four ways how glass shower doors can enhance your bathroom’s decor:

1. Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass swinging shower doors do away with the need to have vinyl or aluminum frames supporting them. Such frames tend to have an outdated look, and people today prefer frameless shower glass doors with an aesthetic appeal because of the seamlessness.

Today’s preference with homeowners is on the lines of glass enclosures one sees in five-star hotels with a jazzy look and appear more luxurious though they are not very expensive.  Moreover, frameless glass shower doors help declutter your bathroom space and make it look more spacious and comfortable. Besides, they also enhance your property’s value in Hawaii’s booming real estate market currently witnessing a 6.1% surge.

2. Transparent Glass Shower Doors

The glass doors that were preferred a couple of decades ago were of opaque glass, considering the household’s privacy. However, such opaque or translucent glass doors look rather drab, despite the privacy they offer.

The modern trends in shower doors have transformed, with people preferring private bathrooms with clear-glass transparent doors that make their bathrooms look sleeker, brighter, and more spacious. Considering the average household size in Hawaii at 3 people per household, adding transparent glass shower doors can make your bathrooms look compact, trendy, and wider.

3. Customized Glass Shower Door Designs

Left to the interior design experts and the glaziers of today, your glass shower doors can be customized to suit your tastes. If you don’t want drab, frosted glass doors, your designer will suggest frameless shower doors with customized etchings to give them a personalized look.

You have a range of geometric designs to choose from besides the natural green scenery to match Hawaii’s pristine surroundings. Design experts can transform your bathroom into an abode of art with glass shower doors in Hawaii that add a few tips and tricks while maintaining your privacy.

4. Frameless Doors and Curbless Showers

Did you know that these frameless glass shower doors go well with curbless showers? The doors can be etched to maintain some sense of privacy, or you could go for your very private transparent, frameless glass shower doors with matching curbless showers and linear floor drain.

This trend started a couple of years back and has become a rage in Hawaii. With no visible shower drain or ledge to negotiate, your bathroom ensconced in clear glass makes something more than a design statement as it reflects your personal taste. Call in the experts today to give your bathroom the makeover you have been planning.

Summing it Up

The current homeownership rate in Hawaii stands at 60% as of 2019. If you are a homeowner in Hawaii considering giving your bathroom a makeover, it’s best to opt for clear glass bathroom enclosures with a personal touch. You will be surprised to see how glaziers can transform a bathroom working on the glass that offers the best fit for your modern Hawaiian homes.

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