How to Find the Best Private Accommodation Near RMIT University


It’s both challenging and exciting to start education at your dream university that’s far away from your hometown. If you just received your RMIT admission letter, you now have to plan your accommodation arrangements. Where you stay has a lasting impact on your university life and your wallet. So, you must do adequate research, browse your options, and go through sites like before you decide on a good student accommodation facility.

How to Choose a Student Accommodation

Whether you’re a domestic student or a foreign student, finding a good student accommodation facility that meets all your requirements near RMIT can sometimes be an uphill task. There are a few things you must consider before freezing on one.

Decide on the Type of Accommodation You Want

Are you looking for temporary accommodation or permanent accommodation? Would you mind having a roommate? These are questions you need to consider before you find private accommodation. You can look at local newspapers, student bulletin boards or even contact a real estate agent to find the best options.


The location of the student accommodation facility and its vicinity to the campus is the first thing to consider. Finding a place that’s close to the university will help you save transport costs and travel time.

If you can live at a place within walking distance from the campus, you won’t have to worry about fighting traffic jams to get to class on time or about waking up very early to make it to the campus on time.

Explore Private Accommodations That Fit Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most critical factors to consider while deciding what type of student accommodation you must choose. Accommodation facilities offer options to suit different budgets.

Amenities Included and Comfort

Get a good understanding of the amenities and facilities offered by the student accommodation. Many accommodation facilities offer amenities like power backup, Wi-Fi, cafeterias, water, and electricity.

You will have to live in a comfortable and reliable place to be able to study well. Your time will most likely be packed with classwork, and you need a place where you can do your work in peace and relax without inconvenience.

Term of the Contract

The contract you will be entering into with the student accommodation center will include details like date of moving in, the period of stay, the rent or fees, rules to be followed as an inmate, etc. Go through the terms carefully and decide if you are comfortable with them. If there are any terms that you find uncomfortable, try and negotiate with the center or choose a different student accommodation.

Your Student Accommodation Will Be Your Home Away From Home

It’s best to commit to a student accommodation facility after you’ve seen it in person. Your living space will play a major role in your university experience, and choosing the wrong accommodation will invite unnecessary trouble.

The space you choose should be comfortable, reliable, and safe. It must also give you good value for your money. Most universities will have student accommodation offices that will help you choose a good private accommodation.

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