Do you need Event Planning Software?


Events account for the most significant marketing enterprise for B2B businesses and marketing departments. They mostly spend their annual budget conducting live events to connect with customers, reach and teach larger groups, gain more prospects, and generate new leads.

Innovations have come a long way, from the invention of the wheel, which made transportation a lot easier to immense technological advancements in different industries. Moreover, the key to innovation has always been the need for a solution to a common problem.

And for the event industries, there are lots of issues that need an excellent solution. There are numerous times where manually doing bulk tasks took a lot of effort, time, and money—excluding that an increase in the frequency of conducting events leads to shorter planning periods.

Shorter planning time and tremendous loads of work led to the creation of event planning software. This product is extremely beneficial in managing both professional and academic conferences, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, and conventions.

The global event management software markets project an increase of a CAGR of 15% from 2019-2025. The continuous need for software to do the managing, scheduling, and planning of every detail associated with the whole lifecycle of an event drives the growth of the EMS market.

Event Management Software – Key Features

Event management software has several features, which include:

  • Event registration workflows and ticket selling
  • Organizing promo codes and payment processes of an event
  • Event promotions features, which include email marketing and website builder
  • Complete list of attendees and customized reports

All these features make investing in EMS worth every penny, giving promising returns.

There are more reasons why event planning software is the perfect tool for organizing large crowds like concerts, conventions, festivities, and the likes.

4 Excellent Reasons for using Event Planning Software

1. Event planning software helps you control and manage every decision. You decide every information and details displayed on the event’s website. It may include what kind of post you should add for promotions and how you network to different social platforms. Each aspect of the events is in your hands. You make the final calls.

2. You can measure the event’s success. Event management software helps you understand and react to indicators of the event’s success. This technology lets you adjust your strategy as you deem necessary. It simplifies all the process of sending event surveys and timely record results of your attendees.

3. Event marketing made a lot simpler. Once your event website is live, the next step is registrations—no need for tedious use of different portals for making payments and selling event tickets. Using event management software can let you integrate ticketing, fees, and registration directly with the event website.

With the help of this software, building up the attendee database makes it extremely simple. You can also track attendees’ tickets, which helps you to strategize better in terms of boosting the event sales.

4. Event management software leaves you plenty of room for personalization and customization. You can design every element of your event, which includes event logo, web design, and event app, that suits well as per client’s requests. Overall, personalization and customization reflect and help you establish your event branding.

When conducting an event, be it strictly for sales, conference, concert, charity fundraising, or live conventions, event technology helps you focus on the essential thing – providing the best experience for your guests or participants. In today’s digital era, the success metrics of your event depends on how well you take advantage of event management technologies.

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