Always Choose Professional Woodworm Treatment


Suspecting that your home or business premises has a woodworm issue is distressing. A comprehensive survey from a reputable and accredited firm is always necessary for professional woodworm treatment and restored peace of mind.

Companies including Thames Valley Timber Treatment have licensed treatments, are timber experts with years of experience to call on and their cost-effective services are offered with a full and honest written analysis of the infestation status and the ramifications of leaving the matter unaddressed.

Winter, spring, and autumn are the most probable months for property owners to call timber experts about a woodworm infestation. These pests do not like the heat of summer and its effects on timber, but they don’t die off.

Woodworm can live in timber for 2-5 years as they mature and during this time they tunnel, eat the natural cellulose content in the timber and, if left untreated, structural issues can ensue.

Acting at the first opportunity is imperative but please don’t try DIY treatments because without a professionally written assessment and guaranteed treatment plan, insurance, mortgage, health and safety and maintenance contracts are normally placed in jeopardy. Don’t take an unnecessary risk, it could become a costly error.

Please Don’t Fall Prey to A Scam

Sadly, there are criminal gangs who pose as workmen and inform a property owner, often an elderly or vulnerable person, that they can see loose slates on their roof and offer to fix them. Whilst on the property, they convince the owner that there is a woodworm infestation in the timber. The conmen (and women) place maggots on the timber to prey on the fear and horror of the elderly or vulnerable to extort funds by removing the “woodworm” infestation.

A Montrose couple paid £5000 to bogus workmen who urged treatment for a woodworm infestation that didn’t exist, and an Angus based couple were saved by their bank’s diligence when they asked for a £3000 withdrawal to pay workmen. Obviously, it is not only in Scotland that scams are carried out; criminal gangs target people nationwide.

Act Wisely

If you are told that you have a woodworm infestation by a person who has knocked on your door and is not officially trained, qualified, licensed and accredited, please seek a second opinion from professional woodworm treatment specialists. I must always be sought, and professionals expect to be asked for it.

If they are legitimate timber experts, they shouldn’t take issue with you obtaining alternative advice or quotes.

There are clues which you can check for:
  • Is timber weak and crumbling?
  • Are there concentrations of dead beetles below a piece of timber?
  • Can you see a live beetle infestation?
  • Are there freshly bored holes in the timber? Holes can appear fresh even when they are not.
  • Has dust settled beneath the holes? This is called frass.
  • Do the holes lead to galleries, the professional term for tunnels?
  • Can you see any eggs? This is difficult.

Never accept the word of a doorstep expert. Contact the professional woodworm treatment specialists at Thames Valley Timber Treatment for peace of mind.

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