Choose Berkshire Specialist Wysi for Responsive Web Design and CMS

Take advantage of responsive web design.

Your website is your 24/7 global shop window and it needs to impress, be easy to read and navigate and create a positive experience. Responsive web design means that when a user views the page on a mobile, a tablet, laptop or PC, the text, and images are clearly presented and cause no frustration or scrolling.

Berkshire based specialists at Wysi have the expertise, experience and innovative tools to design, build and maintain responsive technology solutions. User-friendly, Google friendly, mobile friendly.

A pretty design, swirly fonts, a few images and multi-click functions are not going to deliver rewards. Your potential customer wants an easy life and if your competitors offer a positive, swifter experience, it is highly likely that they’ll use the rival, not you and your website to fulfill their task.

Who is Wysi?

The firm has more than 8 years of experience in web design, development and providing digital services and professional web facilities to SME’s in Berkshire and across the country.

When considering a website facelift, rebuild or other improvements, have confidence that over 100 clients have enjoyed a comprehensive, accessible service and significant results, and Wysi’s reputation is outstanding.

A 5-step process is employed to create optimum performance tools:
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Build
  • Amends
  • Quality control.
The elements for success include:
  • Reliable Hosting.
  • Easy to use CMS.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Security
  • Training
What is a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System, used on digital platforms to create and alter content from text to images, videos to maps. If you’ve heard of a WCMS, this is a Web Content Management System, one is interchangeable with the other.

The world’s most popular CMS, WordPress, is used by approximately 30% of websites on the internet and 59% of websites using a CMS.

Normal CMS attributes include:
  • SEO- beneficial URL’s.
  • User and group functionality.
  • Template support for changing designs.
  • Install/upgrade wizards.
  • Integrated help.
  • Online help.
  • Integrated audit logs.
  • Compliance with accessibility frameworks and standards.

Siteglide, Wysi’s CMS, is built with Adobe technology meaning they have support to deliver excellent easy to edit, secure, fast and reliable websites. Their proven CMS tools save time and resources.

A case study from Wysi

The B1M is a key project for the Wysi team and offers a great example of how the Siteglide CMS can be utilized for more than basic websites. It offers customization with bespoke web design and functionality.  From start-up to today, Wysi has worked with B1M, a rapidly growing video channel for the construction industry, so they can modify, customize and improve their offerings to visitors.

The responsive web design, Siteglide CMS tools including WebApps, and ongoing support deliver day to day control, without needing the Wysi team’s hands-on assistance. The CMS manages content not code which makes processes more user-friendly.
Wysi’s team are ready to create the best solutions for your SME, so why not contact them today?

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