4 Digital Dial Watches That an Office Employee Would Benefit From


In a digital watch, the time is displayed digitally with the help of numbers. Most of the present day digital watch is equipped with either LED (light emitting diode) or LCD (liquid crystal display). The power supply in these watches is provided by a battery. The digital watches are very popular among the young generation. They are widely used by the college students as well as the office employees. The office employees are specifically benefitted from the digital dial watches because they are hassle free and do not require any mechanical winding. Many popular brands like Casio, Fossil, Fastrack, Sonata, and Skmei has a huge collection of digital watches.

The first electronic digital watch was developed in the April of 1972. It was known as Hamilton Pulsar P1 and was introduced in the market by Hamilton Watch Company. The watch had a LED display behind a synthetic ruby crystal setting. It was encased in 18-karat gold. It was a very expensive watch at that time and was priced at $2100. Steadily the prices of the digital watches came down and by the end of the 1970s, they were retailed for $10 a piece. But the demand for the digital watches grew with time. Here are the 4 important digital watches which are preferred by the office employees.

  • Casio Digital Watches

Casio is one of the leading manufacturers of digital watches. It has been in the business since 1957. The company has strived to realize its corporate dream of “creativity and contribution” by the development of innovative and imaginative products. The company has launched a highly acclaimed brand of digital watches by the name of G-SHOCK. The product was developed by Mr. Ibe’ and the name is synonymous with toughness or a watch which is unbreakable. At first, around 200 hand-made samples were developed and tested to destruction to meet the company standard. Finally, in 1983 the iconic G-SHOCK was introduced in Japan and it was successful in establishing itself as the toughest watch of all time.

  • Fossil Digital Watches

Fossil has also introduced a large number of digital watches under the smartwatch category. It is an American company and has shown its presence over a quarter of the century. It was founded in the year 1984 and now it is considered as one of the leading digital watchmakers in the world. The smartwatches come with a full round digital display and it is provided with multiple features like customizable faces, discreet notifications and automatic activity tracking to help make your life easier. They are compatible with both the iPhones and the Android versions. The digital smartwatches from Fossil are one of the best utility watches for the office employees. The watch is supported by a host of features which is definitely going to be a style statement for the present generation.

  • Fastrack Digital Watches

Fastrack has also introduced a category of the digital smartwatch in a very affordable price range. It has become an instant hit among the new generation of college students and office employees. It looks uber cool with the dual color combination. The digital watch in addition to telling the time is provided with the step, distance and calorie tracker. It has a 10 days power reserve, call and SMS alert and USB port. It is one of the coolest watches launched recently.

  • Sonata Digital Watches

The Sonata digital watches are stylish and contemporary in design. They add an element of preciousness to every occasion. The digitals watches of this brand have a round shape with a lot of additional features to make it a perfect choice for tech-savvy people. The watches are provided with a quartz movement which ensures accurate timing through the electronic oscillator. These watches definitely add style and sophistication to the wearer.

The above are the 4 digital dial watches which are preferred by the office employees. If you want to buy one for you or gift your friend for a special occasion, do not waste any time. Just log in to our website at and find the best one for you.

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