Rubbish Removal Projects: Kids, Cats, and Dogs Go Wild!


Sometimes the simplest (and FREE) things in life are the most fun and most memorable! In this article, we’ll show you two ways to have loads of fun with common items most people simply pitch in their rubbish removal bins.

1. Fun With Kale Bones

Most people remove the hard rib in kale and other leafy greens before cooking their greens or chopping the softer leaves into salads. Unfortunately, most people put these food scraps in their rubbish removal bin where they end up in the local landfill. There, they spew methane gas into the atmosphere, contributing more to the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide from cars (it’s true… look it up)!

These “kale bones” can serve a far better purpose! They actually make great toys for cats and dogs. Plus, the kids will have crazy fun playing with food and their furry friends. Then, when the whole family is all played out, you can then compost the kale bones and use them to grow more leafy green vegetables! As an added bonus, this is a great way to get kids to beg you to make kale… pretty sneaky, huh ūüôā

Bet you didn’t know that the aerodynamics of these kale bones make them fly and spin through the air in perfect fashion for dogs and cats to leap and play. It’s probably due to the fact that they are thicker on one end then taper to a narrow point on the other end. Of course, some spin better than others, depending on their size and curvature so a bit of testing is in order! Line this otherwise rubbish removal up according to size and see which ones spin the best and which ones kitty and the pooch prefer!

Round up all the rugrats: kids, feline, and canine and start tossing these out. Cats tend to pick them up with their teeth, spit them out again, and then pounce on them! Cats and their antics… hours of free entertainment! Dogs tend to turn kale bones into a game of fetch if their favorite humans are around but don’t be surprised if your dog gnaws on them like a bone too. Cats will often nibble on bits of the leaf left on the rib. Don’t worry, both cats and dogs can eat a bit of green. Kale and other greens are even included in some cat food and dog food.

You can also have fun trying different types of leafy greens. Hint: the mid-rib in Lacinato kale, also known as Tuscan kale or dinosaur kale, works particularly well for this.

Whatever kale bones are left over, please toss in your compost pile, NOT the rubbish removal bin! If you don’t have a compost pile yet, here are some tips for getting a simple compost pile started with rubbish removal from your kitchen, house, and garden.

The simplest compost pile is simply a three foot pile with about one part “greens” to two (to three) parts “browns.” In the beginning, you’ll also want to add up to one-third soil from your garden to introduce the microbes responsible for breaking down your carbon matter. The “greens” include vegetable scraps (of all colors) and grass clippings. The “browns” include newspaper, cardboard, sawdust, and straw.

To maintain your compost pile, simply stir it about once a week to add air to your pile. This gives your microbes oxygen so they can work their magic. You’ll also need to lightly water your pile if it starts to dry out and a little in the beginning to get it started. However, if you make your compost too wet, the water will displace the air and your microbes will suffer. So, add just enough water to make the compost feel damp or moist.

2. Sock Puppets For Kids and Pets

Most people toss several pairs of socks in their rubbish removal bins every year. However, no matter how many holes these socks have, or how grungy they have become, they still have purpose left in them, even if all you use them for is cleaning. You can also compost cotton socks! If you decide to do this, cut the socks into smaller pieces so they’ll compost more easily. Better yet, get the kids, dog, and cat and relieve a little stress by ripping them up into shreds before you take them to the garden compost pile… so much fun!

Now, before you do that, consider turning those old ragged socks into sock puppets! Stick a pencil or a paper tube through that hole in the toe and your ragged sock is transformed into a magical unicorn! Do you have two holes in the toes? Stick a straw through each hole and draw segments on the “tail” to create a cute tentacled lobster! Turn that upside down and add whiskers and you could make a cute walrus. You can tie knots on each corner of the toe portion to create donkey ears or rabbit ears, depending on how long they are. If you have a collection of “lost buttons,” Sew them on for eyes!

While there are much more highly advanced and “technical” toys in the toy stores, we guarantee that making these sock puppets will create happy memories your kids will never forget. Turn them into cat toys and dog toys too. For chew toys, or to give your sock puppets more bulk, stuff one old sock with other old socks! This will make them more enticing to dogs as well (just leave off the buttons as they can be a choking hazard).

Send Clearabee Images of Your Rubbish Removal Projects

If you get a great picture of your cat leaping in the air for a twirling kale bone, please send a copy to the Clearabee Facebook page. You can Tweet videos and images of your sock puppets to Clearabee’s Twitter feed. Clearabee, a sustainable¬†rubbish removal¬†company in the UK, is solidly behind all efforts to reduce rubbish removal from landfills. This private rubbish removal company currently recycles or reuses ninety percent of the rubbish they collect! They encourage all others to divert as much waste removal from landfills as they can!

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