5 Types of Assignments Students Enjoy the Most


Believe it or not, students do like to write assignments. There are five major types of assignments that students enjoy when it comes to assignment writing. Which one do you prefer?

1. The Expository Essay

This is perhaps the most popular type of essay because it asks students to explain something. It allows you to really demonstrate your knowledge and explain something in detail. If you are learning a topic that you really enjoy, the expository essay allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and apply various theories and concepts from your own perspective.

2. The Descriptive Essay

This type of essay is quite unique. Are you studying a subject that is incredibly interesting? Whether you are studying dialogue, descriptions, complex text or something else, students like descriptive essays where they can put what they have learned into practice.

3. Narrative Essay

Are you a student who loves to tell stories through your writing? Depending on the nature of your course, the story that you tell may be pure fiction or it could be something that you have experienced in your life. You will often encounter these types of essays when you make a university application or apply for a job. Effectively you are telling a story. Some students enjoy this type of essay because it allows them to demonstrate their creativity telling an engaging and compelling story, turning an ordinary subject into something extraordinary.

4. Compare/Contrast

If you are interested in people, you will enjoy writing a compare and/or contrast essay. Students who enjoy these types of an essay will like making comparisons between places, people, things, and situations or perhaps even views or opinions on a given topic.

5. Persuasive/Argument

The final type of essay that you may like to write is one that is based on an argument or designed to persuade. Do you feel strongly about a certain issue? When writing a persuasive essay you will state your position and then defend it; in an essay where you argue a point, you must choose an opposing viewpoint and then provide as much evidence as you can to disprove it.

All essays are built around the same structure; an introduction, the main sections, and conclusion. If you really struggle with putting pen to paper, there are some great essay writer tips and tricks online to help you. Whether it’s the structure or how to write that you need help with. Ultimately as a dissertation writer or essay writer, you should enjoy the process of writing. It is an opportunity to synthesize your knowledge and demonstrate to your tutors what you know.

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