Why People Prefer Playing the Lottery Online Rather than Offline


There was a time when the internet was relatively new and was considered a foreign concept by many. These were the days when it was commonplace to buy lottery tickets from newsagents, stores and various other ‘offline’ places. But, it couldn’t be denied that it was a time consuming and tedious process because it required visiting a participating retailer, filling out the ticket and then paying for it. Even then, the process was far from over because they then had to wait for the televised draw to know if their selected numbers had come up. It was a drawn-out process and only die-hard lottery fans chose to participate.

Today, a lot of things have changed and now participating in the lottery has become fun and exciting for the players. There are online lottery solutions that can tap into a huge market because playing the lottery online is a much better decision than playing it offline. Why? This is primarily because of the convenience online lottery has to offer. Let’s take a look at how it is easier and better than offline lottery:

  • Playing the lottery online gives players more options

Euro Lotto is a very popular game, it is also known as EuroMillions, but only players residing in Europe were able to participate in it. When playing offline, players are drastically limited to the few local lotteries available in their area and it also impedes them from participating in lotteries played in other countries. Thus, unless you were willing to travel to Europe, you couldn’t really enter the EuroMillions draw. It also meant that you couldn’t get a shot at the amazing jackpots that international lotteries had to offer.

Now, with the option of online lottery, players are able to gain access to almost triple the number of games as compared to those they found offline. They get to participate in some of the biggest lotteries played all over the globe such as SuperEnalotto, the US Powerball and Mega Millions, Oz Lotto, Mega-Sena, Bono Lotto and plenty more.

  • Playing the lottery online is also safer

Another major difference that you will notice between offline and online lottery is the level of assurance and security you get. Playing the lottery games online provides people with a greater sense of security because they know that proof of all their activities is available on the website they have chosen as a permanent digital record of all their transactions can be found. Moreover, players are also certain that their ticket cannot get stolen, lost or damaged because it is not a physical ticket.

Hence, this is an assurance that a lottery player will not lose out on a win due to forgetfulness because they will be notified about the results and winnings if any. Typically, emails are sent out to players within 24 hours of winning and funds are usually sent straight to their accounts. Only in the case of a big win, players will be required to collect their prize in person or get a delivery by cheque.

  • The online lottery offers plenty of convenient features

There are a number of convenient features that can be associated with online lottery and cannot be found in offline lottery games. First and foremost, online lottery enables you to play games anytime and absolutely anywhere. Unlike offline lotteries, there is no need for players to visit a store for buying tickets and they have the convenience of enjoying games whenever they want and wherever they want. You can be lying in bed with your smartphone or you can also use your tablets when commuting to work or you can also play on your laptop while sitting in the study. Plus, the availability of online support also makes online play easier for lottery players.

Another convenient feature that online lottery offers is the ability to select a group of randomized numbers in just one click. While there are some stores that do have these machines, it is a lot of easier to choose random numbers online. A large number of players actually prefer to choose random numbers because the draws are also random. Online lottery websites give you this option and you just need to click on it and a random number combination is assigned to you. A random number choice is an ideal option for players who are struggling to decide what numbers to use.

There is another simple feature of an online lottery is the ease with which funds can be deposited in your online account. You first need to decide how much you are willing to spend and can then use a number of payment methods that are offered online for making the deposit. Offline lottery payments are also easy, but the procedure to be followed before it can be a big hassle. Apart from that, an online lottery is also deemed easier because you can find a guide on how to get better chances of winning when playing lotto games online.

There is plenty of information available on the internet that can provide you with the necessary advice and guidance on how to choose your numbers. Likewise, there are also tools available that can be used for predicting numbers that have the highest odds of being chosen. Also, you get access to tips from past lottery winners and you can use their expert tips for making your selection and improving your odds.

  • Online lottery lets you benefit from promos, discounts and group play

Have you ever walked into a lottery store and gotten offered a discount for buying lottery tickets? Chances of this happening are very low and it is very rare that retailers offer any promotions. On the other hand, online lottery websites offer discounts and promos regularly to their customers. You get one when you sign up and also when you buy a specific number of tickets. In addition, you can also join in group games that bring down your ticket cost and boost your winning odds. In the offline lottery, you have to make your own pools, which is not possible for everyone.

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