What Are The Useful Tips To Pass Driving Theory Test


Without a license, it is not possible to ply on the road. The theory test is an essential requirement to secure a driving license. So, if you want to pass the test in the first attempt you need to do a good research on the entire test procedure from booking the test and test components to its study material and appearing for the test.

What do you need to bring along with yourself when taking the theory test?

Your identity card and driving provisional license are the two things that you would require to bring to the test venue. A candidate is strictly not allowed to bring personal belongings to the venue. Following is the list of things that you are not advised to take with you. These are:

  • Mobile phones
  • Watches
  • Earphones
  • Bags
What is included in the test?

Having the right knowledge of the test components and the format of the test is very important to give your best on the exam. As per the 2017 format, there are 2 parts of the driving theory test.

  • The first part is a multiple-choice section wherein there will be fifty questions to be answered in just 57 minutes. To pass this test, a candidate has to secure at least forty-three correct answers.
  • The second part comprises of hazard perception test wherein there are fourteen different videos of one minute each. To pass this test, a candidate requires forty-four points out of the total seventy-five to pass. Some of the questions asked in this test are related to case studies.

These questions are based on real-life situations that a candidate comes across while driving. The Hazard Perception test is the interactive component of the test where a candidate has to watch the clips which show a development of driving hazard.

A candidate has to identify these hazards and take necessary action to prevent it. The more hazards a candidate identifies, the more points he obtains. is one of the best and authentic sources online to get all information pertaining to driving test online.

What things should one bring to the test?

You need to be well prepared with all the necessary things when coming to give the driving test. Pay attention to the documentation before arriving at the venue. Candidates who have an old-style provisional paper-based license where their photograph is not clearly visible, they have to bring other valid photograph proofs in its support.

In such a case they will be required to bring your duly signed driving license with your valid passport. As rules prescribed by DVSA are very strict, they won’t allow any other proof except mentioned by them for photographic identification. Not bringing the right documents can even disallow from taking the test. Not only will you lose a valuable opportunity to give the test but also the test fee which can’t be claimed back.


These are a few tips that prove to be immensely beneficial for efficient preparation for the test. Advance preparation in this way will make you confident and help you come out with flying colors.

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