The range of UN thread gauges is tremendous


The industries in the US and Canada use the Imperial system of measurement. It entails that they measure in feet, inches, and pounds as against the metric system in use in Britain and other parts of the world. In the US you come across the UN series of threads. UN stands for Unified national. There are different categories about which we will discuss in this article. The UN threaded screws and nuts need different thread gauges known as UN thread gauges.

Let us look at the different kinds of UN threads you usually encounter in industries. The differentiation is in the quality of the threads.

  • The UN thread series is used for a set of thread series having uniform or constant threads per inches. Some examples are the 4-TPI, 6-TPI, and so on. It is the standard format.
  • Depending on the standard of the thread you have different series like Coarse, Fine, and Extra Fine. They have the suffixes C, F, and EF thereby giving the name UNC, UNF, and UNEF series.
  • You have another series known as UNS where S denotes ‘Special.’

Why do you need these different types of UN threads? Specific designs require coarse threads or fine threads depending on the nature of the machinery. You have these designs available in the UN series.

As you have different kinds of threads, you need different thread gauges for measuring the pitch and tolerance levels. The UNC threads require UNC thread gauge whereas the UNF threads need UNF thread gauge for measuring the tolerance.

Gaugestools is the best place to get these gauges. You get both the ring as well as the plug gauges from this company. These thread gauges work on the same Go and No-Go principle. You have RH (Right hand), and LH (Left Hand) gauges as well.

This company adheres to the ASME B1:2 standards of manufacture. Let us look at the features of the thread gauges manufactured by this company.

  • This company uses oil hardened tool steel for the production. They use high wear resistance material with hardness in the range of 58 to 62 HRC.
  • The ring gauges are robust whereas the plug gauges are Taperlock-double ends with one handle.
  • The advantage of buying the ring gauges from this company is that you can use them directly. There is no need to test them in advance. The taper lock system has an advantage in the sense that you can replace a worn out end with a new one quickly.
  • This company deals in new gauges alone.
  • Gaugestools test every gauge before dispatching them. They know the importance of controlling the temperature and humidity during the testing.
  • This company can provide for laser marking service on the gauges.
  • You get fast delivery of your consignment when you order from this company.

They manufacture a range of gauges, both ring, and plug. When you buy from this company, you get high quality. They have a great return policy in place. It is the reason why they are famous.

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