Mistakes To Avoid After You Were Involved in a Springfield Car Accident


A car accident is not a situation you would like to find yourself in. The initial impact can leave you hurt, disoriented, and anxiety-ridden. From the period of 2017-2019, Springfield witnessed 5,888 car accidents, which resulted in injury and a total of 8,767 non-injury crashes.

According to Springfield Police, approximately 80% of car accidents are caused by one car striking the other car in the rear. Such an accident can damage your property, cause injuries, or result in a fatality in some unfortunate cases. A Springfield car accident lawyer can help you follow the appropriate legal course of action required to receive the compensation you deserve.

Getting overwhelmed at the scene of a car crash is an understandable behavior. But there are some mistakes you should avoid as they can hinder the outcome of your personal injury or insurance claim, and you could be denied compensation for your damages.

4 Mistakes to Avoid If You Were Involved in a Springfield Car Accident

Accepting Fault

You may not be able to judge the situation rationally in the heat of the moment. If you admit guilt or accept your fault in front of the other party, your claim will lose its credibility. Even apologizing can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt and could be held liable. At the scene of the car crash, it is best not to play detective.

Not Contacting Law Enforcement

Never leave the scene of the car accident without contacting the police. Even in case of a minor crash, you will have to report to the Springfield Police Headquarters and complete a walk-in crash report. The police will respond if the other party refuses to share identification, they left the scene, or even if the crash takes place on private property.

Call the police, at the least, they will advise on what needs to be done. Once ascertained you are fine, contact a Springfield car accident lawyer to get started with the legal formalities.

Avoiding Medical Care

Your health should be your priority. Check yourself and other occupants for any injuries. In case of injuries, visit a hospital at the earliest. The doctor’s report can tie the damages to the car accident and aid you in the process of seeking compensation. Even if you do not see any visible injuries, it is recommended you go for a check-up.

Posting on Social Media

Posting details about the accident right after a car crash or while your case is still pending should be avoided at all costs. If you admit to being tired while driving, then you can be held liable for the accident.

If you admit you are fine, and it was just a minor bump, your insurance claim can be rejected. Any post on social media relating to the car accident can be drummed up in court to refute your claims.

Springfield Police’s safety tips include adhering to traffic signals, not using cell phones while driving, not driving when you are tired or medicated, and always paying attention to the road. If you or your loved ones get involved in a car accident, remember to call the police and get in touch with a Springfield car accident lawyer to begin your claim process.

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