The Cost and Coverage of Flood Insurance in Florida


If you are a homeowner in Florida, then you may require flood insurance policy. Flood insurance comes into the picture in a number of instances and almost every mortgage agreement will ask you for flood insurance when borrowing money to buy property in flood-prone areas of Florida. So buying an insurance policy will good when your house is located in a special flood hazard area (SFHA). According to the flood zone areas, the insurance varies, but even when your house is located in the low-risk flood zone area it is good to buy flood insurance. You can check the risk zone of your house through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Flood Maps. This Map is also called as Flood Insurance Rate Maps that can be used for determining the flood insurance rates

Flood zones including A or V are on high-risk flood-prone areas like Miami flood zones AE, AH, and VE etc. then you can require Mandatory Miami flood insurance. Depending on the location and flood zone you will have to spend the cost of flood insurance. You can calculate the Miami Flood insurance quotes through online websites using the zip code.

You can buy the Flood insurance for your home through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIS) or from a private insurer. National Flood Insurance Program in Florida offers the insurance at an average cost of $545. NFIS also adds an annual $25 surcharge that is increased by $250 per year if your house is not your primary residence. The average cost of Flood insurance Jacksonville through NFIP can cost about $445 whereas Miami Flood insurance will cost $445 approximately. The cost of the flood insurance depends on the risk zone that ranges from $150 to $2000 for cities in Florida.

If you live in flood-prone areas like Jacksonville you need to purchase Flood insurance Jacksonville policy that covers the policy in consideration to floodplain and Value of your house. Consider the quotes through various insurance agents and you will be able to find the best-suited insurance policy for your house. The Cost of Flood insurance Jacksonville policy will depend upon how close to the water you live as well as how much coverage you need.

In recent years, Florida has made it easy for private companies to provide Flood Insurance Policies. You can find the insurance at lower rates from a private insurer. Just make sure your mortgage lender accepts the non-NFIP insurance policies because some lenders only accept the NFIP insurance policy in Florida. But if they do accept then in such case private flood insurance policy can be very helpful for you because you can easily get the similar policy like NFIP in lower cost from Private Insurance Company and also offers coverage quickly when compared to NFIP.

Flood Insurance Policy will be of great use for Financial Protection after a flood. If you are finding yourself in Flood-prone areas of Florida then better to purchase your insurance policy.

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