How to Find a Cheap Storage Unit Near You


Maybe you have just moved to a new city and simply don’t have enough space in your new loft to keep all your things. You could also be a globetrotter who just wants to tuck off your possessions and go on your next adventure. Regardless of the circumstances, it is a given that you need a storage unit to keep your things. But, not everyone has a lot of money to spend on storage, especially when they have a house to maintain or need money for travel. This is where they start looking for a cheap storage unit that can meet their needs.

What are the cheap storage units near me? Is this what you are wondering? Here are some simple tips that can help you in finding storage units that are reasonably priced:

Find storage units that are at a little distance

A lot of people are willing to pay a premium price for nearby storage units. However, if you don’t want to access your unit on a regular basis, it is a better idea to rent a storage unit that’s tucked somewhere a little out of the way. Storage units that are located in remote areas are more likely to have lower rates and this might enable you to take advantage of some of their high-end amenities.

Avoid climate control if it is not needed

You may not need a climate-controlled unit unless you are planning to store artwork, fragile items or any electronics. If you opt for a standard unit without any amenities, you could end up saving a lot of money in the long run and still keep your belongings safe. Here’s another great article on this.

Opt for the smallest unit

If you pack your belongings efficiently and take out proper time for organizing your unit, it is quite easy to pack a lot of belongings in a fairly small space. You can opt for stackable plastic crates and totes that can easily be labeled with masking tape because this will help you protect your belongings, stay organized and utilize your space efficiently.

Don’t choose a unit with drive-up access

Instead of going for a drive-up unit, you can choose a storage unit that’s up some stairs. Forgoing the convenience of a drive-up unit and choosing to haul your belongings on your own will help you in saving money as these units are cheaply priced. The bonus of these cheap units is that indoor spaces have an added layer of protection so they are more secure.

Go with a long-term rental

When you decide to rent your storage unit for a longer period of time, most companies offer you a discount on the monthly rental rates you have to pay. If you know you will be gone a while, there is no point in worrying about a couple of extra months as this can save more money in the long term.

Use these tips and you will be able to find a cheap storage unit near you with ease.

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