Staying Well-Hydrated by Drinking Clean Well Water


One of the nicest things about well-water is that it’s available free of charge, and there are lots of it for everyone in the community or area to enjoy. Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s not fit for human consumption due to an assortment of contaminants.

Fortunately, companies, such as Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment, specialize in turning contaminated well-water (or any other form of water) into something that can be consumed to hydrate the body and obtain optimum health.

Contaminant-Free Well Water is Safe to Drink

Contaminants are physical, chemical, and biological matters in water. Although some of them are quite harmless, others can pose risks and wreak havoc on health. One common example of a contaminant present in well-water that needs to be removed is lead.

It’s when well-water contains lots of contaminants when the importance of getting in touch with companies, such as Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment, comes in. With the right filtration system, well-water can be turned into water that’s safe for everyone to drink.

The availability of contaminant-free water gives everyone peace of mind that they can stay hydrated without potentially encountering health-related issues. Besides being safe to drink, treated well-water is also a delight to consume (more on this later).

Filtration Eliminates Disease-Causing Bacteria

Drinking eight glasses of water daily can do more harm than good if what’s being consumed is swarming with harmful microbes. It’s a good thing that ridding well-water of harmful microorganisms is not that tricky, provided that the right treatment is employed.

In eliminating bacteria in water, various steps may be taken. One of those is the introduction of liquid chlorine into well-water. A naturally-occurring chemical, chlorine, is a disinfectant. Its use is known as the millennium’s most significant public health advancement.

Some treatment companies are also employing ultraviolet (UV) light in ridding well-water of contaminants, including harmful bacteria. Others count on ozone, a gas with antimicrobial properties, and can be natural or synthetic.

Making Well-Water Smell and Taste Fine

Keeping the body hydrated is important for every cell, tissue, and organ to function properly. Sadly, drinking water can be quite boring for many for the lack of any flavour. The presence of any unfavourable smell and taste can make drinking water even more problematic.

It’s very common for well-water to be unpleasant when it comes to its smell or taste or both. Again, it can be blamed on contaminants. Naturally, it is more encouraging to drink plenty of water if it doesn’t upset the nose or taste buds.

With the right filtration system, it is possible to give water (including especially well-water) the properties that many will find favourable. If a well is the most immediate source of water, a reliable and experienced water treatment company can lend a hand.

Choosing the Right Water Treatment Company

Not all water treatment companies, including those that provide portable filtering systems, can properly turn well-water into potable water that everyone can enjoy.

To effectively free well-water of contaminants, harmless and harmful alike, it is a definite must to leave the job to the right service provider. Going for one with plenty of experience in treating well-water is important to obtain an outcome that is 100% safe to consume.

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