7 Reasons Why You Should Become an Engineer


Do you have a dream to become an engineer? If so, you’re making the right choice. The employment outlook for engineering is expected to increase by 3% by the year 2029. That’s incredible news for individuals who are interested in this career field. Not only that but the average engineering salary is approximately $81,000.

To learn more reasons why you should become an engineer, take a look at the information below:

1. More Job Opportunities

Nearly every company requires an engineer. It doesn’t matter if you work at a plant or on a development team, your skills are needed. An engineer’s job is to help businesses resolve their problems, develop new processes, and create products that help to propel the company forward.

2. Earning Potential

As stated above, the average engineering salary is $81,000—but the money doesn’t stop there.

There is tons of room to grow your income as an engineer, and most engineers increase their earnings to six figures during their careers. That type of money creates a very comfortable lifestyle.

The amount you make is sometimes determined by your education, and a lucrative career often includes these requirements.

3. Entrepreneurship

When you become an engineer, you don’t have to keep your skills and talents boxed in. If you desire to branch out and become an entrepreneur, it’s possible.

Being an engineer doesn’t always mean working for someone else. You have the opportunity to learn, grow, and create your own business.

4. Variety

As an engineer, you’ll wear many hats. That means you never know what your day to day tasks will be like. That’s great for individuals who get a little bored with mundane workdays.

Engineering could mean being out on a project site building something or staying in the office to create new ideas and programs.

5. Work Wherever You Want

Another advantage of being an engineer is the flexibility to move around. Between the multiple engineer types and the abundance of job industries that need engineers, there’s always work. Basically, you can find employment all over the United States!

6. Creativity

Engineering is not a profession where you just do what you’re told and follow the company’s orders. In this career field, you get to be creative and hands-on with your work. Being an engineer it’s all about innovation and inspiration.

7. Travel

That’s right, engineering can even take you across the globe. You never know when you could have the opportunity to work on a site overseas. Or maybe if you’ll decide to take the plunge and move abroad. Either way, your engineering skills can help you see the world!

Become an Engineer: A Rewarding Career Awaits You

Why are you interested in engineering? If you haven’t stopped to ask yourself that question, you should. No matter what your reasoning, the decision to become an engineer leads to a rewarding career path. If you are a creative mind that wants to feel satisfied with your work, this is the profession to go for.

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