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Gym and Fitness Essentials under Rs. 20,000


Our body acts just like a machine sometimes, once we stop working on it, it stops giving us the required energy back. That is why nowadays, more than half of the population who are residing in cities tend to join the gym in order to keep the body functional. The major reason is being got involved in sitting jobs that reduce our workout time. Following is the list of offers by Amazon on gym accessories and essentials that are quite cheap and available under Rs. 20,000 and you can get great deals using Amazon India Coupons with reasonable discounts.

Decisive Fitness Gym Track Pant, Cycling Track Pant, Sports Track Pant (Winter Track Pant):

The high-grade cotton pants and a polyester track pants with Polar fleece is available for just Rs. 1,199 on Amazon with a flexible fitting and the modern fit that is stretchable and elastic on the waistband. It helps to give you a comfortable grip and at the same time ensures an amazing look. The pants are having embroidery on the front logo with two side pockets and a zipper for better comfort while wearing it.

Nivia Adjustable Knee Support:

The knee support is available for Rs. 300 on Amazon that is made of long-lasting neoprene material with a slip-on kind for the ease while using. It also provides an adequate comfort and support to the knee line during any physical activity making the work-out better.

I shake Bottle Shaker of 500 ml:

The product is available for Rs. 229 on Amazon with a snap on power mixer and the storage box. The mixer is scientifically designed and has the strainer technique which helps you in abolishing powdered lumps entirely. You can carry your protein supplements along with you in this shaker. The shaker is quite smart as it has got one detachable storage box. The quality of the product is durable and you can have no leaking while carrying it as it is made of high-quality food grade which is non-toxic for your health. It is quite easy to clean and use.

Strauss Leather Gym Gloves with Wrist Wrap:

The gloves that can be used during work-out are available for just Rs. 499 on Amazon. It has the ergonomic foam stuffing for improved softening and comfort. You will never wish to miss out on the attractive design of gloves with an extra wrap for improved grip and wrist care. The material of the product is stretchable which will fit the natural shape of your hands and is made of genuine leather that ensures its extreme durability.

Decisive Men’s Polyester Gym Cycling Tight Fitness Yoga Pant:

During yoga, the main concern is how much comfortable and flexible cloth you wear. The polyester pants are available for Rs. 998 on Amazon and can be used for any kind of activity or work-out. The men’s pants are flexible and fit to do all exercises with a comfortable workout.

IBS Fitness Training Machine Abcare Exerciser:

The training machine is available for Rs. 1,999 on Amazon and is ideal to be used as Pump, Toner Six Pack, Biceps, Push Up, Home Gym, Chest, Arms, Shoulders, and Legs Workout. The machine can be folded and has a maximum load Capacity up to 200 kg. It is generally available in Black and Silver colors.

I Shake Roadies Protein Shaker Bottle:

The scientifically designed power mixer ball is available for Rs. 273 on that helps you to eliminate the powdered pieces totally while shaking it. The product is ensured for its durability and best quality. It is BPA free for your health safety and has reported no leaking till date. With an easy to fill technology, it is easy to clean and carry as well. The shaker has the capacity of 700 ml and it is the perfect companion during workout sessions to help you keep hydrated during outdoors. It is meant to be ideal for your summer camping or outdoor sports, like hiking, cycling etc.

Dee Mannequin Antique Leather Rite Gym Bag:

The gym bag is 900 cm long and is Brown in color which is available on Amazon for just Rs. 229. The Dee Mannequin gym bag has a main partition to carry your daily requisites or essentials that are needed for the short trip or camping. It is the stylish unisex Gym Bag that provides you with the multiple carrying options. It has one adjustable strap at the back to help you to comfortably carry the bag on shoulders while traveling. It is the best to fit for the use at the gym or during swimming sessions and at any sport that requires a Slight Bag which is multi-purpose. It is made from the light weight material and high-grade zippers are used in it with adjustable straps on shoulders.

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