10 Jokes everyone who studied History finds funny.


Not everyone may find the jokes fun but for those that studied history may keep laughing the day long when they understand the fun part of it about the subject.

They are divided into three for this lesson;

  1. History Trivia
  2. Fun Memes and Quotes
  3. SMS Messages.

History Trivia- These are questions that were mostly extracted from the history lessons and must have been taught in class, and some of them are outlined below.

  1. In which city did Nicholas Romanov get his coffee? Tsarbuck.
  2. There was another joke where a French man walked into a library to search for a book whose main topic was on warfare,

The librarian answered that he would only lose it.

Over my dead body! This was an answer that was given by Richard 111 when he was planning a proposal which was submitted for building a car park.

Fun Memes and Quotes: Teachers were giving some fun memes to keep a class lively, and some of the below quotes could help to keep the history class interesting without drowsy students.

1. What is the world’s history described in a sentence

Answer: These white men are Dangerous.

2. If April showers can bring May flowers, then Mayflowers will bring?

Answer: Smallpox.

3. A teacher walked into a class and asked; which classes are you struggling with?

Answer: Burgeois

Teacher: What?

Answer KARL Marx

Teacher: Nice of you.

4. Explain to me how I should breathe without an heir.

SMS Messages: The funny SMS messages usually are sent with some sarcastic information according to historians, and one could end up laughing even without any reason.

1.When a child was communicating with his mother they started the following conversation:

Son: Mummy stop it since you are not funny and have never made Jokes.

Mummy: I made you!

2. In This message, the mother wants to emphasize the packed lunch for the son, and it goes like:

Mummy:  Deen, Your lunch is in the fridge. I already packed it.

Son: Thanks a lot Mummy.

Mummy: Much Welcome, Ensure not to shake the dick because it might explode all over…Oh I mean the drink I have packed;

Son: (Laughs loud) its ok Mummy I won’t.

3. This one is about sending a wrong message to the wrong person.

Sender: Princess?

Receiver: Who are you?

Sender: Sorry Wrong Number.

Receiver: No problem, I can be your new princess.

Sender: No, No, we will meet again in an incarnated life

Receiver: I already love you.

Sender: Love you too new princess.

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