Sue You Later: What Are Statute of Limitations on Car Accidents


Car accidents can range from pesky to fatal depending on how bad you’re hurt and what kind of property damage you’ve experienced. Regardless of what happened with your car accident, you need to always take the appropriate legal actions.

When you know the statute of limitations, you’ll be able to file a lawsuit or get a settlement before it’s too late. So what should you know about the car accident statute of limitations where you live?

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What is the Car Accident Statute of Limitations?

In essence, the statute of limitations is the time limit you have to file your case. The time limit is always a certain period of time from the date of the accident.

Each state sets its own statute of limitations for different kinds of civil cases. Car accident statutes of limitations are considered personal injury cases and are treated as such.

Learn about the statute of limitations in the state the accident took place so that you’ll be able to respond accordingly.

Car accidents in California have a 2-year period for its statute of limitations. Washington state observes a 3-year statute of limitations for car accident personal injury cases.

Make sure you know the exact date of the accident and keep an eye on the clock. Waiting even a day late can render your case null and void.

What Should You Do About Your Case in the Meantime?

Now that you know the statute of limitations of your car accident case, what’s next? These are the steps that’ll help you find success with your case:

1. Hire a Lawyer ASAP

Without question, you’ll need to hire a lawyer that can push your case. They will keep you up to date and make sure that you don’t miss the deadline.

These professionals should be qualified and experienced, stay up to date with legal news, and understand every aspect of car accident litigation. Shop around for recommendations and hold some consultations with these lawyers prior to hiring them.

2. Take Care of All Your Injuries

Even though you have a long road ahead of you, your injuries aren’t going to wait. Attend all of your medical visits and rehab sessions so that you can heal up and also have some evidence for your case.

Your lawyer will help to match you up with medical professionals that will be valuable during the process.

3. Get Your Hands on a Car Accident Report

The official car accident report is the first piece of evidence that you need to gather. Not only does this provide a narrative of the accident, but it also proves the date of the accident, which directly affects the statute of limitations.

You can get a copy of this report from the law enforcement agency that responded to the scene.

Look Up Some Lawyers That Can Represent You

Knowing the car accident statute of limitations will let you file your case before it’s too late. Use this time to hire the law firm that you trust to help you win.

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