What Are the Best Cannabis Extraction Methods Used by the Experts?


With a valid processing license, businesses can legally conduct cannabis extraction and process those extracts into other products. The extraction stage is integral to achieving the form and use of the final CBD product. For instance, medicinal CBD demands the extraction naturally enriches this compound while making it easy to ingest.

Similarly, CBD vape oil must meet purity standards with no traces of residual solvents. Considering the complexity of the cannabis plant, varied extraction methods target a specific compound. Experienced experts at entities like One World Pharma Cannabis and evaluate this aspect closely before backing a CBD product.

Best Cannabis Extraction Methods

Experts recommend the listed cannabis extraction methods terming them as the most superior:

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

This popular extraction method in the cannabis industry is appropriate for the subsequent manufacturing of beverages like coffee and tea. By utilizing temperature and pressure, gaseous carbon dioxide is transformed into a supercritical fluid.

You can produce pure, safe, and high-quality oil using supercritical CO2 extraction with either minimal or no post-processing. With its high upfront costs, the relevant extraction equipment may prove challenging for small businesses that lack funds for such an investment.

Alcohol Extraction

Ethanol or alcohol extraction is considered an efficient extraction method to process large cannabis flower batches. Conducting the extraction at room temperature or in hot or cold conditions yields the same results.

After soaking the cannabis in alcohol, remove the plant material and filter the remaining liquid. Ethanol, although highly inflammable, efficiently delivers an effective outcome. Seasoned professionals must undertake this time-consuming extraction process to avoid danger and carefully remove undesirable elements from the final extract.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Butane or propane is a hydrocarbon compound used in this efficient form of extraction. Preserving the terpenes extracted from the cannabis material contributes to the aroma and flavor in products like CBD oral tinctures and vape oils. As a hands-on approach, it is advisable to conduct this extraction on a smaller scale.

As per specialists like the ones at One World Pharma, Cannabis plants are washed with cold butane solvents aiding in the extraction of oils. With their low boiling points, propane or butane removes the solvent without eradicating other organic compounds.

Solventless Extraction

This safe and inexpensive extraction depends on mechanical forces to extract oils from cannabis. Although time-consuming and labor-intensive, solventless extraction is ideal for obtaining full-spectrum extracts. Sterilization and quality control rules out microbial contamination by bacteria and mold during the extraction process.

New advancements in scalability and refinement are the reason behind the popularity of solvent-free extraction methods. Rosin and water or bubble hash contribute towards delivering incredible flavors and clean extractions.

Terpene Extraction

By first separating terpenes, extractors subject the remaining material to higher temperatures. Isolating certain terpenes further refines the extract and results in a pure CBD product.

Quite often, terpene extraction is undertaken after a less aggressive extraction method. Fractional distillation is the most common method used for terpene extractions.

Allow CBD experts familiar with the outcome of the above extractions to guide you in identifying the most economical, purposeful, and superior extract.

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