Swimwear Fashion: Find Your Perfect Swimsuit With This Shopping Guide


Australia, the nation also referred to as The Land Down Under, is probably one of the only countries that stand out all over the world due to its scenic coastline. It has a reputation for having some of the best beaches that water lovers would love to visit and explore personally at least once in their life. Because of the 34,218 kilometres (21,262 miles) of coastline, you will never run out of beaches and shorelines to choose from if you want to enjoy the sandy shores of the country.

Some of the most renowned Australian beaches include Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, the Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, the Coolangatta Beach in the Gold Coast, and Denham’s Monkey Mia Beach. Since these coastal areas provide incredible views, you cannot help but be inspired to match the sceneries with your amazing swimwear in Australia.

Finding the right swimwear for your Australian beach getaway can be tricky, especially since there are plenty of beautiful people who also want to flaunt their swimwear style in the country’s best shorelines. Here is the ultimate swimsuit shopping guide that could help you find the best swimwear in Australia for your upcoming trip.

Guide #1: Know Your Figure

When buying any swimwear, you need to look into your body type then pick a silhouette that will complement your body. For example, those with a smaller chest area can look for a bikini top that comes with ruffles, horizontal stripes, or padded cups. You may also look great in triangle tops if you belong in this category.

On the contrary, bikini tops with a halter or V-shaped neckline look best if you have a bigger bust. Those with a built-in underwire will also work for this body type. If you believe that you are on the heavier side, you may also pick dark coloured swimsuits to look slimmer.

Guide #2: Take Your Measurements

Even if you still have no particular style or brand in mind, you must keep your current body measurements in hand to help you find the perfect swimwear. The most important areas to focus on are your bust, waist, and hips. You may also measure the size of your armhole and the length of your torso to know the perfect fit.

Once you find the shop that offers swimwear styles that tickle your fancy, you can match your measurements with their size guide. These guides may either come in Numeric sizes or Letter sizes.

Guide #3: Choose Your Colour

Picking the right colour can make plenty of difference when buying a swimsuit. You can check out different colours to see what looks great with your skin tone.

You may also choose printed models to add more fun in your style if you want to stand out among the crowds. Adding interesting patterns like stripes and geometric shapes can put the accent in the area that you want to highlight. Neutrals like browns or taupe also look great if you want to look more natural.

Buying swimsuits can be fun, especially if you are looking forward to your next beach getaway in Australia. You can invest in statement pieces so you can look great anytime you hit the beach. You only need to practice this swimsuit shopping guide to ensure that you will have the best swimwear all the time.

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