Lifting Yourself Up and Looking Towards the Future


Seeing the light at the end of the very long tunnel of prescription drug addiction is possible when you begin to see your future through the eyes of sobriety.

Prescription drug addiction is like a weight that holds the body down. A person may not even realize that there is an addiction at all until it’s too late and they can no longer control their usage. As the addiction progresses, they begin to become entrenched in habits and specific behaviors that can be very difficult to break. Entering a prescription drug rehab center offers patients the tools they need to break those habits and reverse the bad behaviors that keep them trapped within their addiction.

Tunnel Vision

Addiction narrows the way a person perceives things creating a form of tunnel vision. Their drug of choice becomes the center of their attention and a nagging force that influences every action. During the first few days of treatment at a prescription drug rehab center, the tunnel vision the patient often experiences begins to be lifted.

Without the drug, they must begin to learn how to see their life through healthy eyes.

The tunnel vision tends to exclude things that are not conducive to feeding their habit. This means that those who are trying to support them in living a healthy lifestyle are often shoved to the wayside. Relationships are often the first aspect of an addict’s life to be put aside in pursuit of a high.

Breaking Bad Habits

The decision to walk away from the addiction gives them the strength and courage to start down a new path, away from the bad habits and tunnel vision. The bad habits that were created as the addiction progressed must be broken and new habits must be learned to replace them. During rehab, the person must face certain aspects of their behavior that are destructive to their health and damaging to their relationships. While learning to deal with these unpleasant habits and behaviors, they must also realize that it was the drugs that worked to create them. Now, with sobriety in their future, they must accept responsibility for those actions and learn to make a better path for themselves. By eliminating the bad habits, they begin to create positive behaviors as a foundation for their future. As long as the decision to enter rehab was their own, they will continue to move forward. If the decision to enter rehab was to appease others, the chance of them falling back into old habits and patterns is much higher.

Seeing the Truth

Part of acknowledging the negative parts of the past is recognizing the positive truths of the future. Many people who deal with prescription drug addiction rely on their tunnel vision to see the future. The problem is that their narrowed field of you limits the opportunities they have access to. By destroying the tunnel vision, they can begin to see the truth of what really lies in front of them.

The path may not always be easy, but with their support system and staunch determination, the opportunities they have in front of them become clear. They can begin to live their truth and become a survivor, not a victim of addiction.

Envisioning the Future

As soon as the patient has finished the detoxification process, the way they see the world around them will begin to change. As they rebuild themselves, the future becomes clearer and they are more apt to start believing in the possibilities of what their life may be.

Throughout the healing and recovery process, they will start to get a clearer view of the future.

The more they embrace their sobriety and their ability to move away from the bad habits and behaviors, the more they will be able to envision a healthier, more abundant future. The path of sobriety becomes clearer with each step they take.

Breaking the bonds of addiction allows to acknowledge and deal with the past while moving forward to a brighter future. The recovery process takes time and offers many learning opportunities. It also encourages growth and allows the person to reach past the boundaries they may have set for themselves.

Seeing a clear future ahead, they can begin to set new goals for themselves and reach for better things. Individuals who are dedicated to maintaining their sobriety and committed to making a better life for themselves soon learn that the future is theirs to create.

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