How To Start Hiring Freelancers For Your Crypto Company


As a crypto company, it can be hard to hire. Especially considering that most of the top quality candidates are going to want to join a company that has its foundation built, this can be a difficult position for a new company. However, as you’re going to need freelancers to help grow, bringing those on with the top talent can be a challenge, which is why you need an edge in your pitch. Fortunately, that is what we’re here to bring you. Check out our advice below:

Set Your Profile Like The Pro’s

If you’re going to have others take you seriously, then having a solid public profile is going to be a must. This should be something that others look towards and immediately know who they’re dealing with, as well as why they should do business with you. At this day and age, having a great online profile is an absolute must, because as noted by Forbes, almost 50 percent of people Google someone before doing business with them, which, as a hiring agent is crucial.

Take a look at some others in the industry that have a good example of their experience. For example, Thomas Zaccagnino has a strong profile on Crunchbase, outlining everything he has done as well as what he is open to tackling now. The goal is to be able to express what you’ve done off the bat, including why others should want to work with you. As crypto is a relatively new industry, showcasing your experience and why you’re qualified to run whatever type of blockchain application you’re looking to offer is crucial, giving you the best chance of landing some top-tier talent.

Get Yourself Processes In Place

Once you’ve established how you look to potential applicants, the next step is getting the proper processes in place to hire great freelancers. While this sounds like hiring any other candidate, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as freelancers require a certain level both of security as well as efficiency. In fact, according to Preferred CFO, 82 percent of businesses fail due to poor cash flow, which goes to show that when it comes to hiring freelancers, getting shortchanged on certain aspects can leave you feeling burned. However, that’s why it’s essential to put proper protections in place.

To begin, start thinking about the legal protections you might need. For example, hiring someone like attorney Aaron Kelly to draft a universal contract for freelancers can be crucial, especially if you need to keep track of things like who gets tokens and equity or who is on a monthly retainer versus a weekly one. Hiring a lawyer and drafting a few different versions can be smart, as this will give you an easy way to hire people efficiently.

After you’ve decided the legal documents you need to have in place, another important point is how exactly you’re going to pay your freelancers. This can be done in multiple ways, from echecks to PayPal. The reason why it’s smart to decide on payments and keep it consistent is that it’s one element your freelancers are going to be reliant on to ensure word of mouth. All-in-all, keep your options for payments open as wide as you can, giving your freelancers the ability to get paid in a variety of different mediums.

Know How They’ll Reflect Your Brand

Finally, one of the essential aspects of hiring a freelancer is knowing they’ll reflect your brand in the same way you would. Although sometimes you might want to work through trial and error periods with people, it’s good to find those who will hit the mark off the bat. As noted by Zimmer Communications, 80 percent of consumers cite that authenticity is a top quality they look for, so this can make a big difference when trying to decide which people to hire.

When looking for what freelancers to hire, first make branding a priority, as that’s a primary element to anyone you bring on. See what type of style they’re looking to offer, as well as how that can be molded into your brand. As not every candidate will fit your brand perfectly, it’s important to find those who match consistently, helping to build your brand over time. Although this won’t be perfect at first, it’ll also be something that through time, you’ll find your ideal fit and eventually want to bring on full-time.

What are you most excited about with hiring people for your crypto company? Comment with your answers below!

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