What to Consider When Choosing Security Companies for Corporate Events


As an event planner, you know there are a million things that can go wrong at a corporate event, in spite of your lengthy checklist. From running out of food to audiovisual issues to last-minute cancellations, you’ll spend plenty of time putting out fires on the big day.

However, if there’s one type of problem you can’t afford not to prepare for in advance, it’s security issues. Choosing security companies for your corporate events may seem like a task best put off until later, but it’s crucial to make sure you have the right team in place before things go wrong. As you narrow down your options, here are a few essential factors to keep in mind.

Look for a Solid Reputation

If you’re not sure where to start, looking around for a company with a solid reputation is always a safe bet. Reach out to people in your company’s network to see whether they have any recommendations for a security company that has worked well in the past.

Based on this information, as well as an online search for trusted companies in your area, you can start reading online reviews to evaluate the companies’ professionalism and expertise. To do this, you can look for Yelp and Google reviews, but you can also check for reviews within a prospective security company’s website. SMART Security Pros, for example, has its own testimonials page with client feedback to help potential clients make a decision.

Check for Security Training and Experience

The last thing you want at your event is a team of inexperienced guards with little to no training. Your security team should be able to do much more than observe potential issues and report problems; they should be prepared to react and respond with the best security practices in mind.

Make sure you partner with a company with true experience with security, and ideally one whose team has a background in law enforcement and both armed and unarmed security measures. Don’t forget to also seek out a team that is licensed and insured, and ask how often they require their security staff to go through ongoing training and practice drilling.

Choose a Local Team

Wherever your event will take place, make sure you consider security company options that are familiar with the area. Different cities and regions have different populations and threats, which is why it’s important to work with someone who understands the potential event security risks you may be facing. In addition, local companies will already be familiar with major venues, allowing you to feel more comfortable on-site.

Meet Your Liaison Face to Face

It’s always a good idea to meet someone from the security event face to face to ask further questions.

Do you agree with their communication methods? Do you feel confident in their professionalism, and are you clear on their costs of security services? Treat the meeting like an interview to make sure you’re a good match.

Take Care When Choosing Security Companies

As an event planner, you have a great deal on your plate—and choosing security companies for your event may not seem like the most important thing to focus on. However, taking some extra time to find the right security team for your corporate event can help you feel more confident in your overall plan. Make sure to use the tips above to ensure that you’ve settled on the perfect security company for your needs!

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