Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Sydney Shower Tap


Your brand-new shower must co-ordinate with the interior design of your bathroom that is why it’s always preferable to plan before purchasing such a product. Here are a few tips that you can follow while buying a shower tap in Sydney.

1. Water System:

The average water pressure in Sydney is 52 meters and it is a crucial point while selecting a proper shower tap for your home. Generally, pressure reduction valves are utilized to achieve average pressure in most Sydney homes. That is why you need a plumber to understand what kind of shower tap will be compatible with your home water pressure levels. If you will not buy your tap according to the water pressure you might end up wasting time, money and effort.

2. Checking the system:

After you have acquired a considerable knowledge of your home pressure system then you will need a qualified plumber to measure the time and pressure. You can do it yourself with three steps first place a measuring cup under the tap and turn the water while filling the cup start the timer. Record the time limit it takes for the water to fill the cup. With measurements recorded you can utilize the numbers to calculate with water pressure calculators available online which will produce an average result of normal or above normal water pressure rate in your home. This will help in choosing a perfect Sydney shower tap for your bathroom.

3. Types of shower taps:

There are generally three types of shower taps available in showrooms of Sydney:

Electric shower tap:

These electric Sydney shower taps are recent inventions in which there is a technical element install within the shower tap which heats the water continuously while flowing through it. Therefore, you will never run out of hot water, which happens in the case of boilers.

Power shower tap:

The power shower tap helps combine cold and hot water similar to thermostatic shower mixers, but it also provides add in pressure to the low water pressure homes. It is beneficial for places with low water gravity.

Thermostatic shower tap:

A thermostatic mixer shower tap is a preferable solution for families having children. These kinds of taps help differentiate between cold and hot water. They also mix hot and cold water while flowing. The temperature regulation is automatic within these Sydney shower tap, and it automatically saves you from the hot or cold-water outburst. The automatic system generally shut down the shower if such outbursts occur.

4. Shower Head:

There are specifically 3 different kinds of showerheads of Sydney shower tap,

Handheld shower:

These are flexible handheld showers with a flexible pipeline attached to it, and it is generally mounted on a holder fixed with the whole shower tap system. This is useful for people of different height.

Fixed showerhead:

This is the most common type of Sydney shower tap it has a movable rear but the end is fixed at a constant angle.

Waterfall shower:

This kind of Sydney shower tap is quite trendy nowadays as there are shower sections install into the bathrooms, the showerhead is installed at the ceiling and it feels like a waterfall on top of your head giving off a rain effect.

All these things are essential to buy a shower tap, but you should always consider your budget before opting for any luxurious object like a shower tap. There are exceptional options available, but they can be expensive that’s why to try to find one which suits your bathroom interior and water pressure and the budget. Take the advice of your plumber or a shower tap specialist while installing a shower tap in your washroom.

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