Managing Your Finances: Debt Settlement 101


When you go to a mall, you will see something you want to buy. The buying-success level will usually depend on how much you like it. If you have a credit card, there is a bigger chance of you successfully leaving the store with the item in your hand. However, if you just bought beyond your means, then that purchase will fall under interest-laden debt. Being unable to pay for it on the due date will accumulate more interest. An out-of-hand balance owing date may lead you to look for debt settlement services for better monetary management.

Debt is when a person borrows money from another party. Most individuals and companies usually have a responsibility to pay up for something that they bought in the past month or so. Unfortunately, not all borrowers can give back borrowed money. And when that happens, debt can balloon to a size where you may not be able to come back from. That is when a debt settlement company comes in to save your day, paycheck, and your sanity.

What is a debt settlement?

A debt adjustment or settlement company (also known as a debt relief firm) can help reduce your principal amount, waive interest, or lower the interest rates for due loans. The premise that you will make a lump-sum payment somehow turns the odds in your favor. It also allows you to extend your loan terms, which makes it possible to settle debts for less than your original amount due. A lower debt amount helps you avoid bankruptcy. It will also leave you feeling less stressed since you will not hear from your collectors for the first time in months.

These companies will negotiate and renegotiate with your collectors or creditors as they try to reduce your debt. They will try to make a better payment strategy for you. After they get into an amenable agreement, you need to agree to the terms and pay the creditor. That will be the only time that the adjustment company charges you for its services.

Is it effective?

For some, it is highly effective. The Reagan Report showed that working with a debt adjustment company saved consumers around $2.64 for every dollar in paid fees. However, it also depends on the company you employ. Most debt settlement firms will advise you to stop paying your card bills for months but will run the risk of incurring higher interest charges and late penalty fees. Remember that these will impact your credit scores. But once you settle a debt program, your score will improve. So before agreeing to work with a specific company, do your research as well so you know what you are getting into.

How much does it cost?

Yes, the company will charge fees for their services. But there are several factors you should take into consideration as well. Their costs will depend on your credit balances, the amount (and length of payment time) negotiated, and how much you can pay monthly for your program.

If you feel that you are rolling too deep in debt, you should ask for help from a financial company. Get advice on how to settle your debts once and for all. Working with the right debt relief company will mean the world to your soon-to-be debt-free existence.

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