The Ultimate Boarding School Packing List


Is your child going to boarding school?

With over 300 boarding schools in the country, sending your child to one is sure to be a different experience altogether. Ensure that your child is ready by making a boarding school packing list. This will take care of their needs so they can adjust while they’re away from home.

What should be on the packing list, though? It’s important to know what to pack for boarding school to avoid overloading and under preparing your child. To help you pack their bags with the stuff that matters, read the list of essentials we’ve prepared for you today!

Clothes and More Clothes

The most important item in your boarding school packing list is clothes. Even if the school offers laundry services, they don’t return at least after a week. Your children will need extra clothes to ensure they have something to wear as they wait for their clothes to come back clean.

If you think you’ve packed enough clothes for them, pack even more into their bags. They should have at least two weeks worth of clothes to ensure they have something to wear every day.

All Kinds of Footwear

Footwear should also be a part of the boarding school packing checklist. This is especially important if your child is going off to an international boarding school. Consider the climate, weather, and landscape of where they’ll be going.

If it’s quite warm where they’re going, pack them a pair of flip-flops or sandals. Durable boots can also be an option if you expect them to face harsh weather conditions on the regular.

Gadgets and Accessories

Nowadays, having electronics is important for various reasons. These help your children keep in touch with you and will also keep them entertained while they’re off in boarding school. Some universities even mandate the kids bring their own electronics to enhance their learning experience in school.

When packing electronics and the accessories they come with, add labels to them. Other students are sure to have similar-looking electronics. Making them appear unique will avoid confusion among them later on.

Items From Home

Among the benefits of boarding school is that your child gets to experience the world outside the neighborhood on their own. However, it doesn’t always mean that they’re going to love being away from the house. A great way to help them avoid feeling homesick is by packing stuff from home.

Items like pillows, blankets, and their personal belongings are enough to remind them of home. Pack these in secret to surprise them when they begin to unpack.


You should never forget to pack some toiletries for them. Personal hygiene is important, and you’ll want them to be at their best while they’re in boarding school. A toothbrush, shaver, and a spare towel should be enough.

Don’t pack items like a whole tube of toothpaste or a bottle of shampoo for them. These could burst while traveling, and ruin whatever clothes they have inside the bag.

Improve Your Boarding School Packing List Today!

When making a boarding school packing list, the essentials are what you need to keep in mind. Use the list above to know what’s important and what’s not. Pack your children’s bags and make sure they’re well-equipped before you send them off today!

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