NYC Parking Tickets: How Bad Are They? 


NYC is a big city with many people, which means parking in NYC can be quite tough. If you park in the wrong spot, you will easily end up stacking up your list of NYC parking tickets.

And that’s definitely not something you desire to do. Parking violations are all too common, so don’t think that your precious car can’t be ticketed or towed.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about NYC parking tickets, as well as how to dispute and avoid them.

So if you’d like to learn more about NYC parking rules, keep reading.

A Note on NYC Parking

First and foremost, simple parking tickets can cost as little as $60 and as much as $125. However, this variance depends on a list of factors.

Whatever the cost is, it’s not as pricey as using a parking garage, parking lots, or a city parking meter. When parking your car on sidewalks, always err on the side of caution.

You certainly don’t want to be searching deep in your pockets for that type of illegal parking. If you go long enough without paying your tickets, the price of the ticket will continue to rise.

So don’t try to run away from your ticket issues. Even if you choose to ditch everything you have in NYC and leave the state, only to move to Virginia to hunt deer, you will still be found by them.

By “them”, we refer to the collection agency. You cannot escape your past and you cannot escape time penalties. They will begin 30/60/90 days of you not making your payments.

These penalties will accumulate tremendous fees on top of your already not so small ticket fine. If you need to pay, do it sooner than later.

And if you think they’re in the wrong, hire a lawyer and build up your case. This should also be done as soon as possible; don’t delay the inevitable.

What’s the Cost of NYC Parking Tickets?

The cost varies greatly based on where you parked, how many times you were caught, and which codes you violated.

Some zones and streets can end up costing you more than others. For instance, you have to pay $65 in excess parking of allotted time in Manhattan. The same fine can cost you $35 in other locales.

Each fine amount also includes a surcharge of $15. Large vehicles and buses will always have to pay more.

On a short note, street cleaning happens twice weekly. One side is cleaned on each of the days; signs will indicate when not to park there.

Cars have to be moved no later than 9 AM, and cannot park until 10:30 AM. If you don’t obey, you will get fined.

For this violation, you will pay about $65.

Can a Ticket Be Disputed?

If you’re wondering if you can dispute a ticket in NYC, you can do so. NYC parking tickets have a 30-day response time frame.

Failure to respond within the time frame will result in interest, additional fines, or vehicle boot.

You can dispute a ticket over missing or unreadable signs. You can try to justify a broken meter. However, the state requires drivers to look for other meters if the one is damaged.

You can choose to dispute a ticket that has incorrect information. The Department of Finance reviews these tickets and dismisses ones that contain incorrect information.

If you get a ticket for parking in special zones despite permissions, you can get your ticket dismissed. A disabled permit has a dismissal request instruction on the back.

How to Avoid NYC Parking Tickets

If you want to avoid getting tickets, this is where it’s at. This is not about escaping tickets; it’s about not getting them in the first place.

First and foremost, obey the law and park legally. Remember your time limits and don’t be late.

Place your receipts face-up. Understand the law and the difference between no standing, stopping, and parking. Ensure your insurance and registration are not expired.

Park your car at a distance of 15 feet away from hydrants. Avoid parking in a crosswalk or bike lane. When you get penalized or ticketed, remember that traffic school can help reduce payments.

Here’s some other important information.

Meter Rates & Signs

Street parking rates in single locations vary by street throughout the city. The rates are posted on each meter, while the legally allotted time is posted on the top-left corner of the meter signs.

There are about 47,000 single-space meters across the boroughs of the city. The meter rate was increased to 25 cents for parking 20 minutes and 75 cents for an entire hour.

Some street parking spaces have even higher rates, but those are quite easily identified. Parking regulations vary on each street as well, so keep your eye out for signs.

Even if there is a sign at the end of the street, it can still apply to you. Go around the block and make sure you’re acquainted with all of them. Be aware that weekend parking might need you to pay on Saturdays, but are entirely free on Sundays.

Out-of-state visitors or rental cars cannot escape parking tickets, so make sure your meter is always paid. You can download the app to pre-pay and find parking spaces in the area you’re going to.

Parking Encouraged

Now that you have uncovered the very core of NYC parking tickets, you can finally park without fearing the consequences of financial implication. As long as you follow the law and are attentive, there’s no reason that you will get fined.

However, sometimes life happens and you just can’t make it. And that’s fine. Pay your tickets on time and you’re good.

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