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What Is Oral Surgery And What Are The Different Procedures Under It?


Oral Surgery is a general name given to various procedures which are related to mouth, teeth, neck, and face. The idea of getting hospitalized is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we hear the word surgery. Along with getting hospitalized, we imagine ourselves under the influence of anesthesia and surgeons cutting up our tissues and what not. But that’s a wrong assumption as there are many procedures under oral surgery which can be performed in the office itself without getting hospitalized. Although for some oral surgery you may need to get admitted.

Know About Different Procedures Under Oral Surgery:

Some of the procedures that are common and come under oral surgery are:

1. Impacted Teeth Extraction –

When the teeth do not come out of the gum as they should have, then the teeth are extracted and fixed through oral surgery. If not done it can result is a severe infection, congregating or damaged nerves. If this is the case, visit your dentist who will analyze your teeth and will let you know if one or more of the teeth needs to be removed to get a proper jawline.

2. Wisdom Tooth Extraction –

Third molars can be really painful. They are generally removed as most of the jaws can’t accommodate them, thus they grow in between the bone and cause infection, inflammation, and discomfort in other nearby teeth as well. The best solution for it is to get it extracted by the dentist. This procedure is also a very common oral surgery process. 

3. Denture fitting –

If the teeth structure is uneven then there could be a problem when teeth dentures don’t fit properly. To help in making your dentures get a perfect fit, the dentist will recommend bone grafts process. By using this process, the irregularities can be corrected, and a perfect fit can be achieved.

4. Implants –

The process of placing teeth substitute’s i.e. Dental implants comes under oral surgery as well. Dental implants are placed on the jawbone and then artificial teeth are fixed to these roots. This process is beneficial in replacing teeth.

5. Recreating Jaw structure –

This procedure is done when there is unequal growth in the jawline, i.e. if any of the jaws, be it upper or lower didn’t grow fully or properly. If such is the case, this can cause trouble while eating, inhalation, gulping or even chatting as well. This procedure can rectify the jaw arrangement and can create a more balanced and functional jaw structure.

6. Repairing Cleft lip or palate –

These are defects that are found in the newborn as they are birth defects. In such defects, there is a gap in the top of the mouth, lip or both maybe. It happens as the nasal cavity and mouth didn’t grow properly. An oral surgeon is present in this surgery to fix it.

7. Infection, Facial injury, and Snoring –

The process of treating a facial infection also comes under these procedures. In this procedure, the dentist drains the area which has the infection and will extract the teeth due to which this is happening. Also, if there are any broken bones in the facial area, surgery can be performed to rectify that and also it is seen that due to the facial injury, the infection doesn’t occur in other parts of the mouth. Surgery can be performed by the surgeon to correct serious snoring or sleep apnea conditions as well.

These procedures of under oral surgery need to be performed under the supervision of trained and experts in the field. When going to get any of the above procedure done, choose an oral surgeon who has good experience in this area.

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