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Looking for an Estate Agent: A Seller’s Guide


When you decide to put your property on the market, the one that will actually sell it is the estate agent. This is the reason why choosing an estate agent is one critical decision that a seller needs to do right. After all, it can make all the difference between getting such a very competitive price or having a house that will take ages to sell or even not at all.

According to long-time estate agent Danny Kelly Estate Agent, what you must remember is that the estate agent works for you. Being the seller, it is you that will choose the agent, after all. Always remember that being the seller; you will usually be in a rather strong position with agents. Remember that unless they will have properties on their books to sell, they will not be able to make any commission at all.

Decide whether you want to only go for a single agent or more. If what you are going for is an estate agency that has multiple agents on their roster, then, there would be no need for you to choose between these agents.

However, if you are interested in choosing a sole estate agent alone, then it helps to start by asking around first. Your family and friends may be able to give you some personal recommendations. Once you have enough names from these recommendations, compare these local agents based on how successfully they are, how quickly they are able to sell properties, as well as how close they are able to achieve the asking price.

You need an agent that is highly experienced. Most importantly, it is best if you will find an estate agent that has experience selling similar properties as yours. Check property locators online for properties that the agent has sold or is presently selling. Find out if the pictures that were uploaded on these sites are properly taken and if their descriptions are relevant and clear.

Some people often think that they should just hire the estate agent where they have bought their house from. This should not be the case. You should never be pressured to hire them. However, if you were impressed by the way that they have sold the house to you, then, of course, this can be a good sign that it would be worth it hiring them again.

Find out how good they are too. For instance, find out how quick they are able to sell the properties on their books. Take a good look at their track record especially in archiving a property’s asking price. Their likelihood to sell a home should also be looked into. Also, it does help when they are members of a trade association of estate agents.

Do not choose an estate agent just because he offers some very positive valuations. They very well know that a lot of people will choose their services based in the figures they will provide so some will just deliberately give bloated valuations. Rather, choose an estate agent that can offer a realistic price. Learn more about how you can find a good estate agent to sell your home by reading about Danny Kelly Estate Agent online.

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