Investing in Crowdfunding Platform Such as Envestio


All funds you have in the bank account are affected by inflation. That is a fact, meaning that the true value of your money is continually declining. Persons, who don’t invest their money, are losing it bit by bit every year. Another fact that is obvious, you don’t want your savings losing any value. To avoid this, you need to find a way of investing your money that has a return; one which is higher than the rate of inflation.


Investments done through crowdfunding platforms can be very rewarding. Primarily, such investments are recommended only for professional investment companies and individuals called ‘business angels’, who could invest substantial amounts into start-ups or other activities that have a high probability, meaning high returns.  So, as investing through Envestio is eliminating the need for both large capital and limited access to high-yielding investment projects.

Invest Only Through Envestio?

No. Investments using crowdfunding are still chancy ones, so you should not invest your total savings into projects that are high-yielding. But, experts believe that to guard against inflation, some part of them, e.g. 10{cea9c169044c2b14a98ceffc8b31b53fccca1faefcfb14c5304a1fc862280967} should be invested into projects with a high return, while the remaining 90{cea9c169044c2b14a98ceffc8b31b53fccca1faefcfb14c5304a1fc862280967} could be put into conservative investment tactics, which bring low, but definite returns, ex. is AAA level bonds.


Don’t Know How

Investing at Envestio is upfront: You choose one of the premium investment openings in which you want to invest and decide how much money to invest. The entire procedure takes place online and needs only a few minutes of your time. In return for your investment, you will receive fixed interest payments according to a traditional schedule.

Invest Small Sums

You don’t need much money to successfully invest; you can make your own portfolio investment on Envestio little by little. Really, you can begin with very small investments from 100 EUR into a single project and increase your portfolio over time; you can reinvest any profits from investments into new projects, etc. As a result, your portfolio will become broadly spread around over time.

Words of caution

If you live on a budget and have very little savings, please think twice before you jump into investing. For further information

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