Zimmer hip lawsuit: Victim to receive over $2 million dollars over defective hip implant


Zimmer Inc lost a two week trial in New Mexico, and the judge ordered them to pay the victim more than $2 million dollars. The trial was over a hip implant which caused the person who used the implant great injury. The judge said that the implant had an “unreasonably dangerous design” and Zimmer Inc was liable. They marketed and sold the hip implants, without making sure that they would be safe for people to use.

Implants are used for people who are experiencing problems with their own hip joints, which have broken down over the years because of injury or illness, including arthritis. Individuals who require hip implants have already experienced a great deal of pain and suffering, and may be older than average patients.

The Zimmer hip lawsuit was an attempt to compensate someone who should have been take care of, but who instead was injured by the medical care received because of the defective implant.

Zimmer Kinectiv Hip Implants

The implants themselves are a metal-on-metal type which has been popular and sold widely in the past 15 years by Zimmer and other companies. They are made with a titanium neck and stem, and have a cobalt-chromium head. During the trial, Zimmer admitted that they had never properly tested their products.

Because of their natural defects, these metal-on-metal implants have caused widespread injuries and even deaths. Many patients have required additional surgery after the original implant in order to replace or compensate for the defective hip implants. There has been a massive recall in an attempt to bring these defective products back in and replace them with safe devices.

So far, Zimmer has sold more than 148,000 of these dangerous implants. The use of metal-on-metal has proven to be dangerous over the years, and many more victims may still be out there.

The Ruling

In his decision, the judge said that it was “never never appropriate to design a hip implant system that would create an unreasonable risk of injury to the health or safety of a patient.” He pointed out that the device was throwing off metal debris and the implant itself was corroding, which created a risk of harm to the person who was supposed to be the patient.

Because of the Zimmer hip lawsuit, Zimmer is being ordered to pay over $2 million dollars to this victim. The ruling says that the manufacturer can be held responsible for these defective designs, and victims can be compensated for any damages, including pain and suffering, that they experience as a result.

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