Why and How you should be doing Blogger Outreach for your Clients


Bloggers are an oft-neglected group of people who can promote your product through their audience. Any smart marketing manager will pay attention to the bloggers in their niche market, and work with them as a part of their marketing activities. Many people, however, are unclear about the role of the bloggers, and how best to use them. To them, I say that bloggers are major influencers in the marketplace, and their promotional efforts can’t be ignored. Blogger outreach is basically the process of identifying the perfect target audience, finding which bloggers they follow, and reaching out to advertise with those bloggers by writing pertinent content to their audience.

Blogger outreach is vital to advertising and promoting your product through valuable content. It can associate your brand with good information on pertinent topics to your market. Blogger outreach is the process by which organizations can join hands with bloggers to promote a product through effective visual content and writing.

Have you ever wondered why major companies put a lot of emphasis on bloggers outreach? The answer is quite simple. Bloggers are the people who know the demands and desires of their audience, so companies care about blogger outreach in order to attract customers and finding the perfect target audience for their product or service.

Bloggers as an Influencers

An influencer is someone who motivates others to perform a certain action. It can be style trends, product trends, or even behavioral trends (just see the rise in Selfie culture thanks in large part to public influencers like the Kardashian family). In marketing, anyone can play the role of influencers, such as customer, a celebrity, or a marketing team. The main role of an influencer is to attract the attention of thousands, even millions of others through their social media interactions and blog. When seen from that perspective, a blogger can be a powerful influencer for your product or service, because they can generate positive content for their followers, which in turn can create a positive brand image in the mind of potential consumers. They are the ones who can generate positive words of mouth through ideas, posts, and through effective writing.

Bloggers are a Source of Information

Bloggers who research and write their own content, and give honest information on your company (both positive and negative) can be powerful brand ambassadors. According to a recent survey, 61{c3361bb0cafa607323a298437b54afc507cdfbda6b55a640fbdde2a09fd3f6b4} of people use websites blogs and other online blogs to get information and reviews about products before they made the purchase. This same survey stated that 31{c3361bb0cafa607323a298437b54afc507cdfbda6b55a640fbdde2a09fd3f6b4} of the people recently purchased a particular product because of the articles and blogs they had recently read. The bloggers played a vital role in the consumer decision making.

Additionally, more than 70{c3361bb0cafa607323a298437b54afc507cdfbda6b55a640fbdde2a09fd3f6b4} of the people surveyed stated they became aware of various companies, products, and services through online articles. Articles which are well written by popular bloggers are can become a powerful source of attracting new customers and creating positive word of mouth about your business.

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