What you need to know about Cable Insulation!


Cable insulation is used in the construction and infrastructure industry, as well as installation, machinery and production industries.

Flex-It provide cable management systems to support various applications, they also supply a range of high-quality conduits that are suitable for different requirements.

When it comes to cable insulation; conductors and cables will be electrically separated. Find out all you need to know about cable insulation and the solutions Flex-It provides here!


The design of PVC spiral conduit and the flexible conduit is different, however, there are similarities. The similarities include the fact that they can be manufactured from plastic which is a good insulator of electricity meaning they will transfer heat efficiently. The outer layer will be flexible, making it useful for an array of applications.


The PVC flexible conduit and the PVC spiral conduit are capable of protecting conductors. In one sense, the cable conduits are perfect for protecting valuables, the valuables are the conductors in this case, which can become damaged by extreme temperatures, moisture and abrasion.


The PVC flexible conduit can provide strength and reliability. For applications that require constant flexing, you’ll be pleased to hear that you no longer need to worry about replacing the conduit because Flex-It’s cable insulation solutions are highly efficient and made to last.

Retractable cable.

Flex-It supply retractable cable to suit your specific needs and requirements; they’re custom designed and can be manufactured with your industrial needs in mind.

Not only are the retractable cables extremely durable, they are flexible which makes them an ideal solution for where there is limited space and the need to withstand harsh environments.

PVC Spiral conduit.

If you’re looking for conduit that’s suitable for general purposes, you can be sure to receive the best value for money from Flex-It. Their PVC Spiral is especially durable and flexible, offering all round protection.

The insertion of PVC spiral cables is quick and easy too, so not only does it save you money, it saves you time too. There are several fittings to choose from at Flex It, so if you want a fixed fitting you have the choice of thread sizes from M1x1 and M63x1.5. Alternatively, there are Swivel fittings and 90° elbow fittings to choose from at Flex-It, so make sure you browse their range today.

Expert advice.

When it comes to making the right decision, you need to choose the right flexible conduit business. Choose Flex-It today! The team of professionals at Flex-It will be more than happy to discuss your circumstances at a time that suits you, sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The retractable cables, PVC spiral conduit and PVC flexible conduit are all manufactured to suit your requirements specifically and to offer an ideal solution.

Flex-It has metallic and non-metallic conduit which, again, is tailored to your individual needs.

Should you need any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Flex-It, they are always on hand to provide you with any assistance that you might require.

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