What is Titanium and what can it be used for?


OK, so you’ve probably heard of Titanium before, but what is it?

Titanium is an element located in Group 4 of the periodic table. You’ll find it by the atomic symbol of Ti and the atomic number of 22. With high melting and boiling points, you can be sure that titanium is strong and resistant making it perfect for a wide number of applications!

You’d be right in thinking that all elements have unique properties that make them so useful for specific applications… so when it comes to titanium, you needn’t worry because it can resist corrosion, alongside other extremes associated with harsh conditions.

For an element which is strong and lightweight, you can’t go wrong with a titanium bar from titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek. The titanium bar is just one example of how reliable the metal is, it’s designed to be resilient and durable, making it extremely useful for industrial applications.

What is the titanium bar for?

A titanium bar is available from titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek, in a range of widths, shapes and sizes. The most common grades for the titanium bar are Grade 1, 2 and 5 but there are various grades in stock, starting from Grade 1, right up to Grade 12!

The titanium bar can be used within the manufacturing sector or even the medical industry for dental implants and equipment.

Titanium sheet – what is this used for?

The titanium sheet stocked by Ti-Tek is designed with your needs and demands in mind. Should you need a titanium sheet that’s specific to your requirements, this is no problem for titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek who have a wealth of experience in cutting metal to length.

The titanium sheet is a lightweight product that is extremely durable and reliable. It also can withstand pressures and extreme temperatures, making it perfect for use in industries such as aerospace and construction.

How is titanium used in aerospace?

Due to its tensile strength, resistance and low-density titanium is the perfect solution for the aerospace industry, providing a strong, reliable material for use on a range of aerospace applications from structural frame to engine components.

Why is titanium alloyed?

Whether it be a titanium sheet or a titanium exhaust, titanium is often hardened to improve the overall strength of the element by combining other metals which feature desired properties.

Titanium can be alloyed with almost any other element but when stainless steel is used it increases the strength of the metal and makes it more resistance. Not only is the metal made more durable, it sustains the low density to strength ratio.

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