What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?


There are plenty of addiction treatment programs that promise complete recovery but rarely treat the whole person. The focus is more clinical in nature, totally forgetting about the emotional and spiritual health of the client. Seeking out a holistic addiction treatment center can provide a more comprehensive way to getting and staying on the path of total recovery.

What is holistic addiction recovery?

Holistic addiction treatment and recovery programs combine the best aspects of clinical and alternative medical treatments and knowledge to fight the cravings for substances by the mind and body. It also places a great deal of focus on treating the emotional and spiritual state of the individual to help reach a healthy balance.

Is the holistic approach safe?

The holistic approach to addiction treatment is considered safe. The treatment program is highly supervised and monitored to ensure the client is responding well and is not experiencing any health emergencies. A more natural approach to cleansing the body and soul is what some people need to feel truly free from substance addictions. Increasing strength of the mind, body, and spirit is achieved through attending the overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. You will feel completely renewed and ready to handle life again.

Understanding What Feeds Addiction

Discovering the root causes of addiction is not an easy task. It is rarely due to one factor. Addiction, much like cancer is a disease. Unfortunately, most do not realize they can get this disease until it is too late and life begins to unravel at the seams. There can be old emotional hurts, past abuse, low spiritual energy, chronic pain conditions, emotional or psychological problems. Each of these needs to be addressed as they are discovered through therapeutic means.

Placing Emphasis On Comprehensive Healing

Humans are much more complex than the average person realizes. There are many facets to every individual. Each part that comprises the whole has to be closely examined when treating any illness or disease effectively. Leaving one area affected can cause a return or relapse in the case of addiction. You can quickly end up right back in the same predicament, if not worse. Total, comprehensive treatment is a way to reach lifetime sobriety and addiction-free living.

Benefits of Focusing On Emotional and Spiritual Aspects

People are all emotional and spiritual beings, as much as they are in the physical realm. Everyone connects at some level in the emotional and spiritual energy levels. This is how bonds of friendship are made. Focusing on these aspects of human structure allow for a better and stronger support system to develop. It is also a way to explore the deeper parts of existence that may have helped contribute to the addiction. These are areas that are sadly left out of many traditional addiction treatment programs.

Combining Holistic and Clinical Methods

A customized treatment plan can be designed that combines the best of clinical and holistic methods. The clinical needs of getting the system free of substances is always a priority. Holistic methods of relaxation can include aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. You will have more choices in how to get leverage in your total recovery.

Providing Safe Detox

Safe detox from dangerous drugs and alcohol is a must. You need to be in an environment that provides trained medical staff to monitor your health as you undergo withdrawal. This is not a part of the process that you want to tackle alone, or only put in a half effort. Once the drugs are completely out of the body you will feel better and able to continue with a full recovery. This is when counseling and total mind, body, spirit, and emotional healing can begin.

Success Through Treating the Entire Person

Tackling a substance addiction is one of the toughest battles you will ever have to wage. You need to fight to win. Finding the most comprehensive treatment program available is one way to give yourself better odds of taking your life back. Enter a treatment program that is willing to look at the entire person and not just a few of the pieces. Every success story is a life lived to the fullest.

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