What is Funeral Order of Service Booklets?


Losing a relative, a friend or a family member is a standout amongst the most difficult experiences to go through as part of the human life. When somebody important to us leaves this world to move on to the next one, it is hard to fill that void. Different individuals have distinctive ways of dealing with stress and trauma to handle the loss of a friend or family member, yet there is no way to turn things around and bring back someone who isn’t a part of this world anymore.

As hard as it is to acknowledge, life happens once for each of us. Clearly, grieving the loss of a loved one is only normal. Sometimes people take decades to get over the demise of a friend or family member. But, focusing on positive and happy memories help in dealing with the loss.

‘Farewell Services’ has been in the Order of Service Printing profession for quite a long while. People in many parts of Australia widely use our services to get an Online Order of Service Booklet that is intended to give one lasting farewell to the deceased.

Apart from printing high quality Order of Service Booklets, you also have the choice of customising it as per your liking. We can give you high caliber printing of:

  •   Funeral Order of Service
  •   Funeral Order of Service Booklet
  •   Memorial Booklets
  •   Obituary Booklets
  •   Memorial Books for Funeral

We understand and take note of your requirements and, as a result, offer you to design an Order of Service as per your instructions and decisions. You know better about your friends and family and can help us in making a Booklet that is befitting to dedicate to your loved one’s life. Regardless of whether you require a Funeral Booklet, Memorial Booklet or an Order of Service Booklet, Farewell Services offers you their services and requests your input at each step of the process until the printing starts.

Farewell Services in Australia

Farewell Services has been working in many areas of Sydney and Melbourne and has recently extended its services to the region. Farewell Services is a family business where we have tried to be on our best to provide comfort and help to those going through the trying times.

Our main goal as a business is to exceed our clients’ expectations and help them create a beautiful last memory of their loved one. Not only in the terms of quality service but we also aim to deliver a product that is fit for a proper farewell of your loved one. We consider our clients important and do our best to meet their requirements. We believe everyone has the right to give their loved ones the farewell they deserve.

Getting the “Order of Service” or Booklets made is a very easy process and most of it can be done online so personally visiting us is optional for our clients. Below, we’re going to highlight the important steps of the process for our clients in Australia.

  1. Choose a foundation design from our collection of templates or if you can’t decide on one, you also have the option of submitting your own.
  2. Provide us with some details of your loved one which you want to be included in the booklet.
  3. Customise it as per your will. Choose prayers, hymns, photographs, layout design, greetings, parting salutations, and edit the Order of Service according to your own needs.
  4. A final draft will be provided to look for any last minute changes. After you’ve accepted the final draft, printing begins and your order is delivered in Australia within the next two days.

We think everyone deserves a chance at giving the best possible funeral to their loved ones. We also believe that no one should be in so much pressure to give the perfect funeral that they can’t focus on the grieving process. This is why we have made the process of printing booklets not only convenient but a little therapeutic so that you while you are getting a booklet printed, you are also recalling some memories, creating a new one with the dearly departed.

Shop online funeral booklet at our website or talk to us at 1800 080 700 for any help or instant deliveries.

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