What is Expected of a Dental Assistant?


Dental Assistants probably have one of the most varied dental jobs in the industry, and the tasks that each individual Assistant will be expected to carry out will vary from practice to practice. But, we can make general assumptions about the tasks an Assistant is likely to do. The Dental Assistant is needed to help with the every-day tasks of the dental office and improve efficiency.

Job Description of a Dental Assistant

Here is a basic run down of the tasks that a Dental Assistant will be expected to complete.

  • Assisting and advising the dentist during treatment procedures. Crucial to the success of this is strong communication skills.
  • Another task a Dental Assistant will undertake is the taking and developing of dental x-rays.
  • The Dental Assistant will also require to note down the treatment that the patient has received, as well as maintaining the medical records of each patient.
  • After each treatment, the Assistant will be expected to sterilize instruments and equipment, ready for the next patient.
  • Patients to the surgery will often be both nervous and anxious, so it is the job of the Dental Assistant to relax the patient and make them feel more comfortable.
  • The Dental Assistant also has an important role to play in teaching patients about oral health care. This is crucial to the long-term health of all the patients. Advice could be as simple as teaching patients how to brush their teeth properly, or how to floss effectively.
  • Another task is the taking of impressions. A special quick setting material is placed in the mouth of the patient and a hard-physical copy of the patient’s mouth is made. Basically, it is a model of the patient’s mouth to make treatment planning more effective.

Advantages of being a Dental Assistant

There are many advantages to being a Dental Assistant. One of these advantages is the variety that the job offers. Whilst it can be a challenging career path, it is also rewarding, and there are no two days the same. So, you can be sure that you will never get bored!

The Dental Assistant can choose whether to work part or full time, as both positions are in high demand. Therefore, it may be suited to a person who must look after children on a day to day basis.

The working conditions are also generally excellent. You can expect the practice to be a people orientated environment, so if you are a “people person”, this is the position for you.

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