What Are the Signs That Proves Zac Efron Took Steroids for Baywatch?


After the release of Baywatch in 2017, the rumour started floating that Zac Efron is using steroids. There was a big debate on the internet about his body that he displayed in this film. People were both for and against him. However, there was no hard evidence available. Zac Efron is a well-known American actor who became famous for his role in the movie “Disney’s High School Musical”. After that, he also played roles in popular films like Hairspray and Neighbors. He initially started as a slim young adult and now his sudden change within very short period has raised suspicion among people.

Evidence that Zac Efron didn’t use Steroid

Most of the social media supporting claims that he has obtained the gain for Baywatch through special diet regimen and not by steroid use. They have plenty of arguments in favour of him that are as follows:

  • He is a wealthy person with net worth over $18 million during 2015
  • He can easily afford to hire the best trainer who can ensure good results with regular monitoring
  • Comparing his muscle mass and sculpting in Neighbors, the same basic structure of his physique can be seen in Baywatch. Hence with proper dedication, it is not impossible to gain within months of filming these two movies.
  • Few shots must have been taken when he was at peak of his performance and hence he need not maintain the ideal sculptured body for too long.

Evidence that Zac Efron used steroids

In spite of the photograph of Zac Efron’s transformation no direct evidence has been found against him about steroid use. However, his personal history leads to suspicion. He had legal problems of fighting against the homeless man during 2014. He struggled due to substance use problem and had taken treatment during 2013. Though, he claims that since then he has been maintaining sobriety. However, his past addiction problem leads to doubt that he must have taken performance enhancement drug again.

Many people attribute the face shape changes of Zac Efron in the latest movie due to use of steroids. His masculine and chiselled looking face is an evidence of testosterone level increase. Few others think that his voice depth, aged look and increased body hair could be due to taking HGH steroid.

Another circumstantial evidence is the association with The Rock, who is also his co-star in Baywatch. The Rock has been past user of steroid and rumored to be importing HGH. Hence, association with him also raises suspicion.

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