What are the Best Strains for Treating Arthritis?


Arthritis is a debilitating condition which will affect around half of the US population by the time they reach the age of 84. Recent research has uncovered that the number of arthritis sufferers will top 67 million by the year 2030.

There are many symptoms associated with arthritis, such as joint pain, inflammation and stiffness with regards to body movement.

Many studies have taken place into how some weed strains can help treat the condition. For example, in 2011, a paper published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology identified that cannabinoids are an excellent treatment method for combating and reducing neuropathic pain, including pain associated with arthritis.

A later study conducted by Rheumatology researchers found that cannabis was an effective treatment for joint pain. Patients who took medicinal marijuana for a period of 1 year suffered from a reduction in the discomfort they felt with no associated side effects.

So, what strains can help arthritis? Here are our recommendations.


One of the most well-known cannabis strains for the treatment of arthritis is Pennywise. It is excellent for reducing chronic pain, which many arthritis sufferers contend with. Pennywise is an Indica, and is bred by a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. Don’t worry if you have a low THC tolerance, as most Pennywise strains have a low psychoactive effect. Not only is this strain good for arthritis, it is excellent for PTSD, symptoms associated with various cancers, as well as epilepsy and other neurological based conditions.


This is a sativa-dominant strain which should also be considered as a possible stain for arthritis. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Harlequin is excellent for pain reduction, as well as dampening severe anxiety. This is great as a day to day strain to use, as it can reduce anxiety, without making the user overly tired and lethargic.


Cannatonic is a hybrid strain which is excellent for people who are looking for a limited psychoactive effect. This is because of the low THC concentration that this strain has. In general, users who make use of Cannatonic on a regular basis have found that it can induce feelings of relaxation, and is perfect for decreasing pain felt with muscle spasms and headaches.


Lastly, we would recommend ACDC. The strain is a sativa with no psychoactive effects, meaning it will not affect the function of the brain. This is a popular strain for the treatment of symptoms associated with arthritis, as it can reduce pain and lessen anxiety.

To find a strain that is suitable for you, ask your local dispensary (use the dispensaries near me open now tool) and they will be able to help you select the best strain for your needs.

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