Travel Solo New Zealand: 5 Tips For Women


Are you thinking about traveling New Zealand alone as a woman in a campervan hire? That sounds like an excellent idea. New Zealand is a gorgeous country with several fun things to do and beautiful places to see.

Of course, as a woman, you may discover that traveling alone brings with it some complications and issues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it anyway. Fortunately, New Zealand is a country that is respectful of women, so you don’t have too many things to worry about.

With that being said, women are often faced with situations that men aren’t, the world over. New Zealand is lovely, but you will want to be careful as you travel alone. In order to ensure that you stay safe on your road trip, the following 5 tips will help to make sure you are well-prepared for a trip of a lifetime.

5 Tips for Solo -Travel
1. Get to know the roads and area before you go.

Do your research on the route that you want to take. This will help you to be familiar with the area when it comes time for you to set out on the road. Make sure that you can use your phone’s GPS while traveling and also take a paper map with you, in case you lose signal. Getting lost on unknown roads could end up taking you into the middle of nowhere, which is never a safe idea for any woman, no matter where she may be. Also, be sure to always have enough petrol as getting stuck without it could be disastrous.

2. Hire a guide or ask a friend to join for remote hikes or places that are little frequented by humans.

You may be a strong girl who is fully prepared for what may come but that doesn’t mean you should foolishly set out into the bush with someone looking out for you. While a walk in the woods may be alright or a short climb up a summit is completely fine, if you plan to go on a multiple-day hike or adventure where there aren’t many other people, you may want to bring someone with you. As wonderful as many people are, the world does have its odd-balls who would take advantage of a sole-female out in the wild.

3. Bring safety accessories with you.

Do you have your makeup bag? Check. Do you have your favorite outfits prepared? Check. While that’s all well and good and definitely needed for your confidence, what is especially important are the safety accessories you bring with you. It is not that easy to carry guns with you in your campervan hire in New Zealand, but other safety items such as a whistle to draw attention, a radio, back-up cellphone, and a knife if need be. Pepper spray is, unfortunately, not allowed for personal use in New Zealand.

4. Trust people and make friends—within limits.

You’re traveling, you want to make friends, and you should. That’s one of the best things about traveling solo, it forces you to get to know new people. Yet, with that being said, you don’t want to ignore your instincts when meeting new people. Don’t be paranoid but do pay attention to details. If something seems a bit off to you about someone, well, it probably is. Be aware of men who may seem a bit too friendly as they could be trying to take advantage of you as a lone female. Be open to new friendships and even romances but as in any country, stay cautious with the people that you let near you.

5. Avoid walking alone at night.

There are a few places in the world where walking alone at night poses no danger for a woman, but these locations are few and far in between. To ensure that you don’t get caught in a situation that could end up being rather unpleasant, call a cab to get back home to your campervan or motel. New Zealand may be safe for the most part, but there are homeless people just as in many other countries and also drunks who may feel careless and see nothing wrong about accosting a sole-female traveler.

The above tips should help you to avoid dangerous situations in New Zealand just as in many other countries, but don’t let fear stop you from going on a road trip of a lifetime. Being a woman doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life or live your dreams.

If what you want to do is travel alone in New Zealand, then do it. It’s a fascinating destination with so many different things to experience. Just be sure to stay alert, aware, and keep your campervan hire locked any time you’re gone or ready for the night. Happy traveling!

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