Top of the Line Hotel Shower Curtains


Hotel linens are often coveted long after guests check out, and now it is possible to have these luxury linens, towels and bathroom accessories in your home. A hotel shower curtain will fit the decor of most any high-end residential bathroom and add a special touch to them all. The level of quality used by hotels often exceeds that of typical textiles sold in retail locations. If you are looking for a more stylish option for your bathroom decor, a hotel shower curtain just might be the best choice.

Design and decor enthusiasts typically prefer luxury textures paired with understated designs and more neutral colors. Some of the popular styles include honeycomb weaves in off-whites and creams, borders in soft hues are also on-trend, especially when embroidered. These linens are easily cared for and can be machine washed; it is recommended that this type of shower curtain be air dried. Another feature of these shower curtains is that they do not require a plastic liner or additional curtain. The curtains are comprised of a thicker cotton or linen material that absorbs water and protects your bathroom floor. These materials are also less likely to become mildewed and can easily be thrown in with a regular laundry cycle.

In recent years, fabric shower curtains, similar to those commonly used in hotels, have grown quite a lot in popularity, and because of this, are now more readily available. This style has understated elegance, functionality, and when properly cared for, the curtains are long lasting. Bathroom decor usually centers around the tiling and paint choices, but the shower curtain is also a large part of the overall look of a bathroom. By matching the curtain color and style to towels and rugs, it can pull the entire look of the room together.

Hotel shower curtains make a beautiful statement with any decor and style and are very functional. If you are looking for a high quality shower curtain with an attractive design profile, a hotel curtain can give you the look that you desire. Choose a neutral color of fabric with no design or pattern, one with a strong border in a bold color, or a chic embroidered option. Muted colors and patterns will fit in well with both traditional and modern decor and will create a feeling of completeness that ties the entire room together. Brushed metal and more understated metals are the current trend for bathroom fixtures, and fabric shower curtains pair well with this look. Bathrooms have become more spa-like in recent years, and the elegance of hotel shower curtains fit in very well with this look. Create a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation in your home and enjoy the ambience of style and luxury everyday. Hotel shower curtains can bring that feeling of vacation home with you!

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