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Top 5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Living in a Small Apartment


Everyone knows that living in an apartment can be challenging when it comes to having enough space to do the things you want to do. There are many things that you want to do in your small apartment, from decorating for the holidays and even going green. However, living in an apartment means you can’t do the things you would living in a house. Luckily, there are some tips out there that can make apartment living a little easier. With that in mind read on below for a few of the top tips for making the most out of the small apartment you are living in.

Making the Most Out of the Furniture Space

Finding the right pieces at Boyle’s Furniture & Rugs is the first step in making your small apartment a home you can be proud of. Going simplistic but elegant with your furnishings is the best way to go. Choose quality pieces and arrange them in your rooms carefully for maximum space. Rugs strategically placed in the right spots of a room can give an illusion of space and open up an area as well.

Keep Things Decluttered

Though this may be something you really don’t want to hear, keeping your apartment decluttered will make it seem larger. You don’t want items cluttering up your tables or your floors. Instead, keep the things you have to have, and some that you cherish, and throw the rest away or put it in storage until you are in a bigger place in the future. Where there is a will, there is always away as they say.

Make All the Pieces Count

When it comes to furnishings, you want to be sure that all of the pieces have a functional use. For example, using two small end tables, instead of one large coffee table, gives you places to set things and opens up space at the same time.

Customize Storage

From hanging shoe dividers on the insides of closets to using bed risers to create storage space, customizing your storage can work wonders when it comes to living in a small apartment. Buy an ottoman that opens up for extra storage space and it serves double duty as a footrest and a place to hide those magazines and books you can’t bear to part with.

Maximize Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one of the main focal points for anyone, especially a family, so you want to maximize your kitchen and counter space if you can. Using under the counter appliances is a start and adding a few shelves to the walls will give you places to stack things that aren’t used every day but still have a purposed in your kitchen and your life.

These are just a few tips to help you make the most out of living in a small apartment. From maximizing kitchen space to placing rugs in the right spots in the apartment to open the space up, these tips will not make your apartment any bigger, but they will certainly make it more comfortable and give it the appearance of being larger as well.

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