The Top Benefits of Learning The Japanese Language


When you think of learning a foreign language, Japanese is not likely what comes to mind. It may seem more practical to learn languages such as Spanish, French, or German.

Nonetheless, there are actually many advantages to knowing the Japanese language that you may not have been aware of.

Here are the top benefits of learning the Japanese language:

It’s Essential If You Want/Need To Travel To Japan

Are you planning on traveling to Japan anytime soon for vacation or work related purposes? If so, being fluent in Japanese (or at least being conversational in it) will be essential and will make it much easier for you to communicate with the locales on a day-to-day basis.

Learning It Will Be A Huge Personal Achievement

Japanese is a Category 5 language, which means it requires over two thousand hours and multiple months of study in order to learn and master. While the fact that it’s an intimidating language to learn may discourage you from doing so, at the same time, learning it will be a massive accomplishment for you (especially if you’re going to put it to good use in your professional or personal life).

It Could Advance Your Career To The Next Level

Have you ever thought about how learning Japanese could advance your career? This is one of the most overlooked advantages of learning it. There are several large corporations that have overseas branches in Japan, and at least learning the basics of the language could create more career/job opportunities for you. You’ll certainly have more job opportunities than someone who speaks English only.

It Could Reduce Your Competition In Your Career

At the very least, learning Japanese could help improve your existing career by removing a lot of your competition. While it may make sense to learn a language such as Spanish, there will be much less competition if you compete for a position that requires you to know Japanese. For example, a position that requires you to know Spanish could mean you competing with hundreds if not thousands of other applicants, while a position that requires you to know Japanese could mean you competing with just a few dozen applicants.

It Will Help You Know More About Japanese Culture

Finally, learning Japanese will be one of the best ways to help learn more about Japanese culture, which is easily one of the most unique cultures across the globe. If you’ve always had a strong interest in Japanese culture, then at least learning the basics of speaking the language is something you must do.

The Benefits of Learning Japanese

Even though Japanese is a complex and difficult language to learn, it can also be a fun one to learn as well and knowing it may actually improve your life for the reasons that we have covered. Regardless of what your reasons are for learning Japanese, you must be fully committed to the process in order to keep yourself motivated when the going gets tough.

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